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Zoolander 2, Gay Star Wars, Ghostbusters – GS-Podcast (E03)

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25 Responses to “Zoolander 2, Gay Star Wars, Ghostbusters – GS-Podcast (E03)”

  1. GameSocietyPimps says:


  2. Adam's Universe says:

    Are things getting triply for anyone else at 21:00?

  3. Bru Master says:

    Why are you guys saying Morgan Freedom instead of Morgan Freeman?

  4. GameSocietyPimps says:

    Yeah sorry it’s the discworld on top of elephants on top of a turtle. My
    deepest apologies in advance. –Aaron

  5. IHateYou12342 says:

    There’s a lot of arm and hand movement during the Female Ghostbusters
    section… ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  6. toonswap says:

    Speaking of sequels, cough, cough… Aaron, I hear they are making one for
    Ride To Hell: Retribution and they’re looking to fans to name it. Any

  7. Arthur Spencer says:

    These guys are older and do not look at all as I expected so this vid is
    like a cold shower 

  8. Reyto Xeron says:

    I know you talked about Tithinian a bit but i think he deserves to have a
    topic! Its thanks to him for introducing me to you guys, you really make my
    days brighter and happier and i wouldn’t have that if it wasn’t for him ^-^

  9. BaronNate says:

    hey guys, love the podcast. you guys are the best and everyone should be a
    fan of GSP. quick question, I would love to have one of those nuka cola
    caps ya’ll offered before….are you guys going to have anymore of those
    made up so we can buy them and donate money? I’d like to have one to make
    into a necklace. Thanks Aaron…you’re the best.

  10. Sean Rossick says:

    Just some random subject ideas: What games you’ve been playing and what you
    think of them, any sports talk, music you’re into, the exact description
    and location of Emre’s house and where he likes to go in his daily life so
    people can follow him, or just any interesting thing you’ve done recently.
    I love the idea for this podcast though. I’m also getting some of those
    shirts immediately! The designs are great

  11. Renegadebane says:

    Please stop guys. Just play games.

  12. Zaven Hax says:

    Woot new podcast, I’m loving this so far. so you want some questions

    Aaron Are the for pimps story lines written/planned or improved?

    Jason How long did it take you to practically master the Morgan Freemen

    Emre The rage during 7days to die seem so real at times, is it?

    Adam How fun was it to watch Aaron suffer through the Kinect Disneyland?

    Sorry if this seems like too many questions just figured I would let you
    guys Choose.

  13. BSGA22 says:

    I love you Jason.

  14. Khidir Crawford says:

    Like if your watching in

  15. Alex Castro says:

    Are you guys planning on selling other things besides shirts in the future?

  16. Albel Nox says:

    Was wondering if you could disclose the percentage you make off the
    t-shirts. I would be more willing if you made a good percentage. I will
    most likely buy one in the future but if it supports you financially I
    would probably get multiple ones.

  17. CounterNerd says:

    I can’t watch Zoolander. Can’t stand the actors in it.

  18. Sam Chilton says:

    Have you guys talked about the new Jurassic World film coming up? I’m sure
    Adam’s got a bunch to say about it. Maybe compare it to how awesome the
    first one was in terms of puppetry/CGI advances (from what we’ve seen in
    the trailers) and what your hopes are. 

  19. xpartingshot says:

    Dang, son. Those were some *sweet* dance moves.
    1. Terry Hatchet. I’M NOT CRYING SHUT UP
    2. Can’t wait for the day when “Gay Star Wars Character” is simply accepted
    as “Star Wars Character.” I think that’s what Jason was getting at.
    3. Interesting premise — reminds me of The Running Man — and I can only
    hope it gets the following it deserves.
    4. I shall reserve my opinion on the Zoolander sequel at a later date. As
    it stands, I’m… cautious. But I would watch a second Mystery Men.
    5. It seems as if Sony’s just trying appease those who were complaining
    about an all-female cast, which is kind of a tacky concession. That being
    said, I’d watch a Garfield-less Bill Murray vehicle.
    6. PAY-TREE-ON.
    7. Not much to say, but I hope Jason’s voice gets better. Physically, that
    is. Not knocking the guy’s talent.
    8. That Archmage shirt. I’m with Emre here, the red looks incredible.

  20. Kyle Delgado says:

    I dont know how much convention experience any of you have personally but
    if you do i think it would be awesome to hear your favorite convention
    experience or story. Also your take on conventions as a whole. What
    conventions do you find most interesting/exciting and why? Which
    conventions are you planning on attending in the near future? Which
    conventions do you find to be frivolous or pointless? 

  21. brayden murren says:

    Upcoming 2015 games ( triple A , indie , doesnt matter ) that you guys are
    excited for / may LP?

  22. ZombieX13 says:

    I’m avoiding leaving a comment. boners

  23. Rannic334 says:

    Another good podcast. You guys should do one every week. The shirts look
    really cool. You guys really don’t get anything from them? Or did I hear
    that wrong. 

  24. Flexible Muscles says:

    Hey guys, have you heard about Nintendo games coming on mobile made by a
    company called DeNa? Here is the link to a Neogaf thread:

    What’s your opinion about it? I personally expect the games to be
    absolutely terrible, just like 99% of all mobile games. What do you think?

    EDIT: I forgot to say awesome podcast! And I can’t say this enough, I love
    how the subjects are right there on the screen so I know what you guys are
    going to talk about and I can also skip subjects I don’t find interesting.

  25. Eoin Skeffington says:

    So you guys should REALLY discuss this article, Nintendo have agreed to
    develop Mobile Games for Smartphones/Tablets etc, what do you guys think?
    Is this good or bad for them? Personally I have mixed opinions, they are
    either going to make Endless Runners or else maybe, just maybe a
    Compilation of the Best NES/SNES/GB/GBA Games (Basically an Emulator)



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