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Why am I so gay? | Thomas Lloyd | TEDxGeorgetown

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. In this powerful talk, Thomas Lloyd talks about taking pride in own…

24 Responses to “Why am I so gay? | Thomas Lloyd | TEDxGeorgetown”

  1. Mason Brown says:

    Interesting, my identity isn’t tied to my sexuality (gay) since I’m not
    outwardly visibly “gay”. However, had I been more outwardly “gay” then it
    would probably be more tied to a sense of my self identity. Sometimes I
    think the problem isn’t so much sexual orientation but rather societies
    hatred for effeminate men.

  2. journeyrecovery says:

    Needed to hear this <3 ! <3 ! 

  3. darthexcellentious77 says:

    The speaker is cute, hence the topic is interesting….

  4. Michael Thomson says:

    Terrific presentation. If only such openness had existed thirty years ago,
    but we all get there and I applause Thomas, his support people and his
    parents. This is a talk that all youth need to see, it can I think bridge
    many ravines of understanding, tolerance and most importantly self
    acceptance and pride.

  5. dothedeed says:

    Your comic timing is incredible. I would have been one of those loud laughs
    coming from the back of the room cutting through that tense silence. 

  6. Shin Chan Nohara says:


  7. Wood ward says:

    A dozen would have been nice. Holler.

    This is a great talk, one that I will share with others!!

  8. Forte Lugo says:

    He looks like peeta from the hunger games.

  9. Adam Noel says:

    A very good video to checkout if you have some spare time today. A bit long
    but powerful.

  10. Clyde Scotland says:

    gay men, like myself, who do not have your mannerisms are not ‘covering.’
    they are just being themselves. for some men, being masculine is what it
    means to be gay. 

  11. MissCherie Cherie says:

    i wished i would have parents like his.. supporting accepting..

  12. Stephen Turner says:

    I have to say that he talks a lot about stuff that I’m considering and I
    know people who are thinking the same. Why do we come out in our lives or
    not? I don’t mean to family. I mean to our colleagues, friends and other
    social circles. Are we at a point where we do not need to or are we still
    at a point where we’re not that comfortable being out? I’ve just started a
    new work placement and I’ve not come out but like most situations I imagine
    a lot of people know before I’ve said anything. So what do we do? I know
    it will come up in some situation or conversation but do I pre-empt it or
    do I wait? I’m cool either way.

  13. James Foster says:

    I hate it how people think if you move your hair like he dose that means
    your gay. I do that and I’m not the reason I do it is because my hair
    always gets in my face when the wind moves it so I put my hand through it
    like he dose. Dose them mean I’m gay now because I do 1 thing the same as
    him ? no it docent some people are just sad 

  14. StephaniehasStories says:

    This man is incredible. Thank you for speaking so eloquently on this topic!

  15. Michael A says:

    He is adorable.

    And, I’m sorry. But all the gay guys who think they act so ‘not gay’ can
    always be spotted 3 miles away.

  16. Ben Robinson says:

    I never understood gay people until i worked with one for 5 years. Its just
    how they are. Just how their brain works. Its different just as i am
    dyslexic there is no way i can change it. It just is how it is. Be proud
    who you are. Just be you. 

  17. aMeRiCaNiDoLrOcKz997 says:

    I got goosebumps listening to this. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! He’s truly inspirational
    and I hope I get have such an impact as he does some day. Personally, I
    wouldn’t prefer to try to fix the Church. I feel like they’re one of the
    roots of LGBTQ intolerance regardless of denomination. But, to each his own
    and acceptance and progress is still beneficial, nonetheless. So yay! 

  18. William Jones says:

    how are u gonna connect homosexuality and police brutality??? more open
    homosexuals= less aggressive police force? typical liberal tactics 

  19. Doug says:

    being gay is a mental disease which needs to be cured.

  20. P A N I C . says:

    If I were a man trying to attract men who also wanted men, the last thing I
    would think to do is try to be as feminine as possible. If you think you’re
    into men but the only men you’re attracted to are the men who look and act
    like women, you probably need to reevaluate your orientation. Not saying it
    means you’re a closeted heterosexual, but something just doesn’t add up
    perfectly. I like my ladies feminine because I like ladies. If I wanted a
    man I would want a Man. Flamers may get off on the idea that they’re being
    extreme but the way I see it they’re dipping their toes in the water. 

  21. John Smiff says:

    I live in a community where homophobes are stomped out like weeds. I live
    in a place where ignorant, hate-filled fools have to cover who they are. I
    find this sadistic and ironic at the same time. 

  22. Xieon Gaming says:

    A lot of the gay community cannot see that they are not their own idenity.
    The “LGBT” movement doesn’t do anything for owning ones own idenity.

    If you want to have sex with a man or a woman is one thing, but why does
    that have anything to do with rainbows?

  23. charles gladsden says:

    Too bad this video doesn’t have more views, really enjoyed his opinions and
    arguments, more people should have the chance to watch stuff like this.

  24. samuk1000 says:

    Why only the country? (19:05). US is a tiny proportion of this world by


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