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What would you like to tell Congress about health care reform? | The …

Senate Republicans voted to start debate on a health care bill this week, reaching a majority on the strength of “yes” votes from senators who previously voted “no,” including Rand Paul and John McCain. After this major step in the legislative process, no bills or efforts have passed.

Efforts have stalled and Congress is trying to decide what to do next. President Donald Trump says to let Obamacare “implode,” according to the Associated Press. Following is what people in the Prescott area have to say:

~ “Leave it alone because I have MS. My meds went up 180 percent and if I don’t get them next year and I end up in a wheelchair; it’s going to cost them a hell of a lot more.” — Sally Pickert (Prescott)

~ “We need better health care … for people who make less money and that (live in) poverty.” — Maddie Dundas (Prescott)

~ “They should have done what they promised and I think McCain and the other five are real wimps. Obviously when they voted to repeal two years ago, when they knew Obama was going to veto it proved that they didn’t mean anything and they’re liars.” — Pam Powell (Prescott)

~ “I think at this point, the health care reform needs to have medical marijuana in for the veterans. Veterans are suffering right now and it’s not really fair that they prefer to have opiate addictions that pretty much ensure their death instead of a different option. It think that’s one of the main things that should be addressed.” — Dale Kuhlman (Prescott)

~ “Leave it alone because my health care insurance right now is perfect and I don’t want my insurance changed and I don’t want to use those, whatever, coupons they want to give out. Quit sacrificing seniors’ health and their lives in order to pay the national debt. Because that’s what they’re trying to do.” — Billie Pabst (Prescott)

~ “Grow a pair. Seriously, they’re playing with people’s lives and it has nothing to do with actually helping people. It has everything to do with helping themselves. It has everything to do with politics and we are going to be harmed by the stuff they’re trying to push through.” — Susan Leach (Prescott)

~ “I’d like to tell them I really hope they take the time to actually dig into the health care reform and make the right decisions. Don’t keep passing the bad decisions.” — Jacob Kleist (Prescott Valley)

~ “Work together. It’s starting to affect a lot of people. I think the longer it goes on, the more that we’re seeing how many people are being hurt by the current law.” — Karen Bonaker (Prescott)

~ “Forget it, there isn’t no such thing. Socialized medicine doesn’t work for one. Doesn’t work, hasn’t worked, not going to work. A politician can’t tell you what’s good for your health; put those two together and you got a failing plan, I don’t care who’s in office.” — Randy Hall (Prescott)

~ “Fix the pricing. The pricing doesn’t make any sense.” — Tim Dougherty (Prescott)

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