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Website collects senior resources into one easy-to-access place

I’ve recently discovered some programs that can help solve many of the challenges facing seniors.

There are so many sources of help available today that it’s nearly impossible to have a handle on all of them at one time. Having a robust list by topic is very helpful.

As with any rapidly growing market, there’s continuous innovation, making it even more difficult to keep up. Having one site with the latest innovations would be really valuable.

And with so many resources, it’s often difficult to sort out what is reputable and what is not. So I was pleasantly surprised when I happened upon the website

It’s not a nonprofit endeavor, so you will see ads, but the content is so rich that it’s worth the distractions.

The site researches and lists programs worldwide that provide a better way to deal with aging. In addition to programs, it shares resources and downloadable documentaries related to aging, senior contributions, safety, caregiving, death and dying, dementia, and elder-abuse prevention, as well as inspirational films on seniors.

The listed programs and resources may not be in our area, but many of them are excellent food for thought for meeting the needs of our community’s seniors by using resources that already exist.

For example, did you know there’s a program to train physicians who are caring for a patient with mild cognitive impairment to screen for signs of financial abuse and then, if necessary, refer these at-risk patients to state securities regulators and local adult protective services professionals?

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