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Been getting a lot of comments like this lately. This is how they make me feel – and again, all in ONE take, woop! Stalk me! (Or don’t, I don’t own you…) MAIL: Ashley Mardell, P.O. BOX…

23 Responses to “WE GET IT, YOU’RE GAY.”

  1. Ashley Mardell says:

    This is a comment I have been getting a lot lately, and this is essentially
    how I feel about it.

    Once again, this took me about a zillion tries to get in one take so any
    amount of ‘likes’ you wanna throw my would certainly validate my efforts.

    Have you gotten this questions (or one like it) before? How did you handle

  2. Lauryn King says:

    Ashley Mardell for president.

  3. RussoTalks says:

    President Mardell

  4. Centaursixtysix says:

    Can you make a video distinguishing the difference between a gay woman and
    a lesbian? Im always confused about that?

  5. The Names Aims says:

    thank you so much for this video it is amazing :)

  6. jazmin castro says:

    Wow, this is so powerful, I had tears in my eyes cause it described my life

  7. SimplyMayaBeauty says:

    That’s really touching and upsetting. I’ve been contemplating how to be a
    better ally to the gay community, so this is thought provoking.

  8. Silver O says:

    oh goodness.. lol.. so artsy fartsy..

  9. Isabela Sangiorgi says:

    You are really an incredibly talented artist. I find your way with words
    just amazing, and your expressiveness when speaking is breathtaking. Never
    stop writing, never stop posting videos.

  10. Stella Bezemer says:

    Ashley you are an amazing human being, keep doing what you do because it
    makes you happy and because you’re really fricking good at it :)
    This video actually got me teary eyed, it was beautiful
    Thank you so much for making this, for making every othe video you make and
    for being the way you are.
    I appreciate you so much.

    lots of love

  11. AlffBooks (scitteraire) says:

    You have rendered me speechless, you have a real gift for putting across
    what you want to say into words! I cannot say that I understand your
    situation as you say so yourself, but I do hope that through discussion,
    sooner rather than later we can finally make a change because those facts
    that you give in this video are just horrific are require immediate actions
    to be taken!

  12. cafewisconsin says:

    I love hearing what your voice has to say! I hope you never let commenters
    that don’t understand what they’re talking about stop you from making the
    content that is important to you. This was beautiful, and the life that you
    are living is beautiful.

  13. The Springers says:

    This is incredibly beautiful. All of the effort and emotion and everything.

  14. littlethingss11 says:

    Breathtaking. Absolutely magnificent. Every time I listen to one of your
    poems I don’t just listen, I stop for 7:52 seconds of my life, tune out,
    and listen to the words I could only dream of accomplishing. I want to be a
    poet, but I’m just to inexperienced and it seems too far away, but your
    work gives me hope. Not only in the issues you discuss, but your work
    itself. You inspire me. Thank you Ashley.

  15. 42billybob says:

    It’s an interesting perspective. It actually makes a lot of sense.
    Tragically I think it’s also the grounds to make one into the architect of
    their own suffering.

    If you’re constantly made aware of your sexuality, it can be very easy to
    project that onto other people. Which can alter everyday interactions to be
    much more deliberate and resultantly sinister than they actually are. (EG:
    what you said would be really mean if you were thinking about gay people as
    you said it, so I’m going to assume that’s what you meant as I find it hard
    to imagine someone NOT constantly thinking about it)

    I imagine that would have to get exhausting. But I guess that’s what a
    victim mentality does.

    Not saying your victimhood isn’t valid, but dwelling on it probably isn’t
    the healthiest thing for you. Whether it makes you unpleasant to be around
    probably also warrants consideration eventually but I’d be more concerned
    about how it drags you down emotionally.

  16. xFinalJudgementx says:

    This was absolutely wonderful and touching on so many levels. I’ve been
    linked to this video and I don’t know you but your poem is amazing and so
    true it hurts. I’m hoping many, many more people are going to watch this
    and love it as much as I did.
    Love, Ariane x

  17. Tiana Hope says:

    Yes. I hate when people feel like they should control other peoples
    channels. You should talk able anything that you want to. 

  18. August K Ahuna Jr. says:

    I’m a straight ally (yes I’ve been in debates/fights/discussions/bar brawls
    over protecting my LGBTQA friends) and never have I heard a better
    representation of what it’s like to be continuously wary of others’
    wariness of existence and judgement.

    BTW you should do slam poetry, your cadence is awesome

  19. velvetburn says:

    I considered myself quite in tune with my sexuality and my struggles as a
    gay woman until I watched this video. I thought that while I had adversity
    here and there, that overall it wasn’t so bad because my family, while
    disapproving, didn’t completely disown me. Or that I have never been
    physically beaten for my sexuality. But you’ve made me think about the
    struggles I face every day, every hour, that I’ve become so accustomed to,
    I consider normal. That my mom has called every girlfriend I’ve ever had
    (for the past 9 years) my “friend” because it makes HER uncomfortable to
    acknowledge her daughter has a girlfriend. That every picture post on
    social media of me and my girlfriend that might even hint to others that we
    are anything but friends is kind of risqué and I’m being a little defiant
    every time. That twinge of anxiety every time I meet a new person who gives
    me even the slightest of strange looks because I wonder “do they suspect?
    What do they think?” The incessant questioning by my grandmother if I think
    this boy or that boy is cute. She just flat out refusal to acknowledge that
    gay IS an orientation and that my relationship is not only valid, it’s not
    a spectacle or a gimmick or a way to get attention or a bandaid to a larger
    problem. It’s just love. Thank you for reminding me that even myself, an
    aware homosexual, has allowed myself to normalize discrimination. 

  20. Jessica Spencer says:

    This is incredible. The comment by the friend about not being in the mood
    for a gay bar though, just had me like “woaaah.” Seriously incredible video
    though. Well done!

  21. Eccentric Lefty says:

    I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS VIDEO. It brings up so many points that I think are
    important in a conversation about equality and acceptable. That “otherness”
    that I feel all the time about being queer has really affected me for a
    long time and I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you have taken the time to talk about
    these points.

    Please never stop making these kinds of videos Ashley because I think these
    things need to be said.

  22. Jackie Jackson says:

    You made me cry because you just described my life 

  23. paden viet says:

    loved this you need to do more of them! :)


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