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We Announce Project Gay! – Pillow Talk

We are excited to finally announce Project Gay! JOIN OUR CAMPAIGN HERE: MERCH: Facebook: …

25 Responses to “We Announce Project Gay! – Pillow Talk”

  1. ItsMurphy Bean says:

    Does anyone else want the Carmilla Fools Gold HSAH fanfic to be a movie?

  2. Airika Grunwald says:

    I’m legit waiting for someone to tell you guys to kiss for a perk. Haha

  3. Ruth Ortega says:

    At that moment when Adrianna says “She’s too busy dating Sarah Rotella”
    (sorry if I spelled it wrong), Sarah’s all like “oh my gosh this bitch
    needs to get laid already, she always fucking does this!”, Inside her head.
    Lol I’m just kidding but…. maybe it is who knows? XD 

  4. Martellsway says:

    “Hey let’s make Fools Gold a movie” Sure, an ongoing 200K+ fanfiction a
    movie. You girls are funny.

  5. Arielle Scarcella says:

    I’m totes donating and writing a fan fic involving the three of us

  6. xvCentral says:

    OMG I just saw the kickstarter reward with Adrianna cooking for you LIVE! I
    need for someone to pledge for this and film the whole shebang.

  7. UnsolicitedProject says:


  8. UnsolicitedProject says:

    Are there any perks missing that you guys/gals/gays really want??

  9. Tamala Smith says:

    Just pledged my donation! I’m so excited for this film! And yes, there
    definitely needs to be more women in the industry. Good luck, ladies :)

  10. Briana Quijas says:

    I’m excited for this movie! I’m going to donate. If I use my rent money to
    help fund this project can I stay with you guys?
    1.) I’m relatively clean
    2.) I have cat (Thelma)
    3.) I mostly remember to flush the toilet
    4.) I have my OWN Netflix and HBO Go account
    5.) When I was 11 I took Karate lessons for 3 months. I learned a lot and
    feel comfortable inserting myself in dangerous situations. You could say
    that I’m kind of a badass.
    6.) I know ONE really great joke about a bowl of custard and pear. 

  11. Amanda Howe says:

    Ok that’s pretty fuckin awesome! I don’t know what I was expecting, but it
    wasn’t a freakin movie! So, so cool!
    I’ll donate on pay day (I just spent a week in Hawaii, I need a few days
    breather) but I’ll make sure to contribute as often as I can while it’s
    I don’t need any perks, just as long as there will be a way for me to see
    the movie. 

  12. MichelMist says:

    Can one of the perks be to have Natasha and Elise back on pillow talk?? And
    wait if Fool’s Gold gets submitted they have to act in it right? 

  13. ciara barclay says:

    Anyone else seriously hoping Natasha Negovanlis is in this, like I don’t
    ever care if shes just wandering around in the back for like one scene I’ll
    still scream.

  14. Aislinn G says:

    for the fanfic thing someone should submit the carmilla hsau (which is good
    because the authors fancast sarah for a character in it anyway)

  15. Marion Debock says:

    I need to have my new credit card delivered cause I really wanna
    participate to this awesome project !!

  16. Claudia Claase says:


  17. haley barrett says:

    I’m only in high school and don’t have a credit card so sadly I can’t
    donate any money. I also can’t use my moms credit card because I’m in the
    closet. I was wondering if there any way I can still get the perks because
    I’d really like to be a part of the google plus hang out and stuff like
    that. I’m sorry I can’t help you fundraise but I’m really excited for your

  18. Kim Aboy says:

    Drag Perk all sold! I guess we’ll be seeing you two in drag next week! :P 

  19. Marissa Farina - LezBeOnTalk says:

    I want front row tickets to see this movie

  20. Elizabeth Virginia says:

    Happy early birthday present to me! :D my birthday is tomorrow, and I’m
    excited the announcement was so close to it, and just that it’s happening
    at all! :D I’m so excited!

  21. Trixie Toasty says:

    Seems to me that the Carmilla Creampuffs took over this channel. 

  22. Erin F says:

    anyway I love you girls! can’t wait to watch the movie!

  23. JulietTony10 says:

    is one of the perks finding me a girlfriend because that would be

  24. jacky lion says:

    No entendí nada solo la parte en la que harán una película XD please
    alguien subtitule este video :3 

  25. Zhaida W says:

    Camren Af


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