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Watts Up!? Gay Stereotyping, Non Gamer Girl, Neglected

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25 Responses to “Watts Up!? Gay Stereotyping, Non Gamer Girl, Neglected”

  1. Ms 5ooo Watts says:
  2. sachin narine says:

    even if I don’t know what she is talking about. her videos still put my
    mind at ease

  3. Tim Duncan says:

    some of these people need to talk to a counselor or dr phil

  4. Light1Films says:

    I liked the video :)

  5. Mike K says:

    Hooray Watts Up is back. Being too long Ms. Watts

  6. Echeverria434 says:

    Hey Ms 5000 Watts you should join this podcast called, “Game Lounge”. Its
    basically a 1 hr and 40 min conversation about games, random topics, and
    answering viewer questions. The people usually in it are YoutubeDude,
    Shidosha, and Sally/ AlyMew.

  7. StarboardNine says:

    Loving these Watts Up!? Videos :) hope you can make this a permanent series
    this episode was kinda extra funny ;P 

  8. e.v.u.elect says:

    Happy Sunday Watt’s

  9. Commander Vengeance says:

    Hawkmoon gameplay :O makes me feel boss

  10. The RPG Gamer says:

    I love these Q&A/advice type videos, keep it up

  11. Arkham Bats says:

    I live for your advice videos

  12. NugsnGlory says:

    Don’t sugar coat it watts. If his girl doesn’t like gaming tell him to move
    on! He’s in college, plenty of time and it’s too many fish in the sea that
    9/10 are way hotter… like you for example :) even though you are dating. 

  13. Archer Black says:

    While I agree the guy in the first letter needs to talk to his non-gamer
    girlfriend, she needs to respect the fact that he likes to play video

  14. djfuzzo1 says:

    Not mad or anything but personally I’m not into this series. Your other
    videos are good but that’s because it’s focused on the game, sure you give
    decent advice and it is nice to help people but its not the videos Most
    people subbed for. Again I’m not being negative or hating on anything, I
    think you’re smart nice and cute both physically and personality wise but
    I’m just giving constructive critisism. Please don’t hate me for it because
    i promise my intentions are good. I have nothing against you, i could just
    skip the series in my sub box if its permanent since its not a series I
    enjoy but I’m also not telling you what to do content wise either, if you’d
    like to share things about yourself during videos whether its a weapon
    review or crucible commentary whatever the case is that’s fine cool and all
    but not sure how to explain that a personal life advice video from a gaming
    youtuber specifically toward one individual viewer with the intent that
    others also learn from it isn’t the same thing. The only reason I mention
    any of this is because everyone on YouTube usually asks for genuine honest
    feel back good or bad as long as its not being a rude “comment troll” with
    nothing helpful to say but I hope I didn’t come off as an asshole or
    anything… I’m not here to cause any problems, I do like your videos. I
    just don’t prefer this series personally because its advice generally
    tailored to that person in the situation and may help people who have that
    problem in the future. I give good advice to people all the time but that’s
    just more on a personal level and not projected towards others who may or
    may not relate to the topic or want to hear it. My opinion isn’t meant to
    offend anyone so please don’t take it the wrong way. Other then that in
    general I appreciate the effort you put into your videos, and no matter
    what anyone says dont let them get to you. Never stop smiling, just
    remember that you’ve accomplished this much so far in life and youtube subs
    that enjoy videos you created yourself then you must really be doing
    something right, keep up the good work and your channel will continue to

  15. Mr.MjLc says:

    If your girl doesn’t like gaming get her to play a rachet and clank game.
    (not size matters unless your feeling confident because she will roast
    you). Put her on a level so hard and frustrating that she wants to fight a
    honey badger afterwards. while shes getting mad take out the game and
    place in any beat em/crowd killing game e.g. dynasty warriors maybe ninja
    Give her back the controller and the stress relief will corrupt her into
    one of us in no time…… or this will absolutely fail and your left
    knowing what doesn’t work.

  16. Foxintoxx says:

    Watts love counselor xD 

  17. SuperCrazygamer8 says:

    I’m the same way watts! But, I tone it down with “we’ll be together one
    day.” My girlfriend has my heart and i don’t doubt she loves me for a
    second, I just need her to look at it from that angle. 

  18. Emeloen says:

    Don’t want this to come off as creepy but I love your voice :) 

  19. tvesrb says:

    it’s perfectly fine for her to not like gaming as long as she isn’t
    shitting on it. personally I think that people who believe gaming is
    childish and only for kids are a bit stiff & narrow-minded.

  20. Incursio says:

    8:12 I don’t know about you guys but i have watched this part of the video
    like 8 times now and my jaw still drops XD
    Talk about REKT

  21. M Hrynyshyn says:

    To the guy that has girlfriend trouble about gaming: get a new girlfriend.
    If her concern is you playing video games, then she has to get her
    priorities straight. You go to college, you have a job. I don’t see the
    reason why you shouldn’t be able to game.
    If she has too much of a problem with it, then find a new girl that will
    enjoy gaming with you. Trust me, since I now have a gamer girlfriend, we
    aren’t just boyfriend and girlfriend, she is my best friend. It doesn’t
    hurt that me and her have everything in common too lol

  22. Jake Driver says:

    Gaming should be an embarrassment , if your girlfriend see’s it as some
    thing losers do then maybe she isn’t the right one . Not to say break up
    with her but maybe explain that’s it’s a big part of your life & if she
    can’t accept it then it’s her problem ..

  23. All Seeing Empire says:

    I hate when a person tries to change their partner, whether its a hobby or
    habit. Being in a relationship is about bringing the best out of each
    other, so if something makes you happy your partner should always support
    you all the way.
    Btw I still cant seem to figure out where your accent is from, reply when
    you can =)

  24. Dominick Pants says:


  25. Diego Torres says:

    “Not all of them are just going around murdering people-” *gets shotgunned*


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