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Vote No To The Gay

“The sanctity of marriage is under threat.. from.. The Gay” Important Note: This video is satire, although you should vote how you believe we would strongly encourage any person of any nationality…

25 Responses to “Vote No To The Gay”

  1. Darknessrising4 says:

    Overdose on sarcasm over here.

    We need an ambulance.

  2. Facts. says:

    “People should not be able to love who they want.. because I think that’s
    just weird.”

    Thanks for watching!
    For those who think this video is serious, please read the description.

  3. Hoggy Hogan says:

    Before you go on a rank check the Description….(If you are too lazy it
    reads as following Important Note:
    This video contains alot of sarcasm, although you should vote how you
    believe wee would strongly encourage any person of any nationality to vote
    YES to gay marriage or gay equality if given the chance)

  4. CreepGame (Steam) says:

    There is gonna be ALOT OF comments that think this video is serious :P

  5. dara hickey says:

    This is a joke, for all the people disliking…

  6. Aoife Masterson says:

    I’m going to vote yes u bitch so what the are no people left because of the
    gays we’ll we will die with the ones we
    Love for straight and gay every one dislike this vid this really really
    really horrible 

  7. Avtex Sports says:

    Fuck gays,i hate them so fucking much,why should a man fuck a man when
    there are so many sexy girls out there..

  8. ohthepeppers says:

    Down with this sort of thing!
    Careful now.

  9. HOOF HARTED HD says:

    I think its a disgrace that I get to have a say in someone else
    marriage….. why should I there should be no vote it just should be
    law. equality for every one but since I have to vote VOTE YES 

  10. Любомир Вьюн says:

    Видео заставляет задуматся о будущем.

  11. TheHolderOfTheStory says:

    The Gay is just terrible. Whats next? A woman driving a car? A black man
    dating a white woman? Kinder Eggs not being allowed in America? These are
    truly troubling times my friends.

  12. Anonymus Cookie says:

    Why bother doing this video like this. Can anyone please answer this does
    Facts. have a partnership of some sort with BUZZFEED. The videos have same
    feel and layout just BUZZFEEDS are better.

  13. Mysticm1 says:

    Oh my fucking god, I watched this video and went down to my mom asking if
    she was going to vote……..and she asked me what do I think she should

  14. Ravon Whitfield says:
  15. Shawnie Ellis says:

    Hahaha, the hot dog parts. Rofl, dead. This is the most ridiculous thing
    ever but so funny. I…just can’t. Hahaha. You guys rock my socks, and my.
    ..all my accessories! 

  16. Sydney Condon says:

    This is so rude. How dare they think this is ok

  17. Rudy Ruettiger says:

    I blame Liberace

  18. ellie Lx says:

    What is wrong with you people !? Seriously so you think its right to change
    someone ? To make them feel they are unwanted in the world because of their
    sexuality .. they should be able to express themselves freely without this
    stupid vote … people say “just be yourself” well this is a load of crap
    now … haah bunch of hypocrites! I support gays all the way! 

  19. megan quigley says:

    i’m pretty sure ireland is going to vote yes in the referendum but if they
    don’t i give up on this country

  20. Luca Morkary says:

    Gays are pretty bad though. They’re usually more transphobic than straight
    people. Not that anyone gives a shit about us.

  21. Pachna Cub says:

    I don’t understand

  22. Frugal Traveller says:

    Legalizing same sex marriage theoretically makes us all legally bisexual.
    Regardless of what your sexual orientation is, you could legally marry
    someone of either sex, therefore you are bisexual.

    Problem with this is that bisexuals can’t commit to anything. A bisexual
    society is not committed to the union of man and woman.

  23. PoprockCZ says:

    Bullshit -_-

  24. Mari Angustias says:

    Repito ,no lo entiendo pero no condeno la homosexualidad ,no la considero
    una enfermedad,para mi son personas normales con esa opcion 

  25. Vicente tutoriais says:

    sou brasileiro 


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