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USB Storage Sharing TP Link TL-WDR 4300 N750 Dual Band Router Configure HD

You can pick up this great router at Amazon here: USB Storage Sharing TP Link TL-WDR 4300 N750 Dual Band Router Configure HD TP-LINK T…

15 Responses to “USB Storage Sharing TP Link TL-WDR 4300 N750 Dual Band Router Configure HD”

  1. Mecdot says:

    Thanks a lot, your video has clarified a lot of things we couldn’t do in
    this router. We are now even able to access our files from our iPads using
    an app called Remote File Manager from Jane Zhang. Everything works like
    charm. Many Thanks.

  2. Yoohan Ko says:

    I want to use this router and hook up my hard drives as FTP servers. Are
    the speeds decent when you access the storage drives from outside the home?
    Thanks in advance for making an informative video.

  3. Helder Alvares says:

    Which is the transfer speed?

  4. Anthony Kwan says:

    Brilliant!!! thanks!

  5. Eric Vizental says:

    Hello +Richard Lloyd,
    Is it possible to transfer videos from the iPad to the HDD connected to the
    router? My goal is to have as much free space on my iPad and also I am able
    to access all my videos with my Samsung smart TV that is connected to the
    same router.

  6. Vaijayanth MK says:

    Hello +Eric Vizental Can you please eexplain me how to connect USB and
    Samsung Smart Tv via TP link Router ( Same model mentioned in the Video)

    +Richard Lloyd Please help me if you can

  7. derek dauzat says:

    will this be the same steps for the TD W8970? 

  8. theNecksLevel says:

    Trying to access ftp with no luck. Suggestions?

  9. maltatravel says:

    Can you connect a Usb 500Gb external HDD? do you think the router would be
    able to power it? or would just pen dirves work?

  10. CRONUS Karmalakas says:

    I just connected my HDD with a lot of media and trying to watch 1080p video
    is terrible – streams about 3 fps :/ Would Media server help?

    PC connected over LAN

  11. karolyzazz says:

    great help. ty

  12. lydz Camzi says:

    hi richard im accessing my router via this model and via tp link home plugs
    ok far from that the everything works perfect the problem that i ve got is
    telling me when i run \\, when i go to troubleshoots.. it
    says Problems was found file and printer sharing is online but isint
    responding to connection attempts.. if you could help please.. thanks

  13. bogmaerke says:

    Will this work for Mac OSX harddrives which are formatted as MacOS Extended

  14. A Person says:

    Just got one of these routers. I can’t seem to find where the Qos settings
    are in the web interface? Frustrating!

  15. A Person says:

    Approximately how many Megabytes per second read/write speed can you get
    when using the NAS functionality of this router, and, do you know if the
    speed is different depending on if you are using the stock firmware or
    DD-WRT firmware?


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