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United Airlines Is Reaching Out To Morristown Seniors Over Trip

United Airlines says it’s reaching out to Morristown High School seniors about their ill-fated class trip to Puerto Rico.

On Tuesday, we reported the class raised $20,000 to make their dream vacation a reality.

However, their flight from Syracuse was cancelled.

When they drove to New Jersey to catch the connecting flight, they learned United had given away their seats.

United says it offered the kids different flights, which they declined.

The airline says it’s reaching out to the group to refund their tickets and help with arranging future travel.

The following is the full statement from United Airlines:

“The Morristown senior class was booked on a flight from Syracuse to Newark, which was cancelled due to weather. As the next Syracuse flight would have arrived at Newark after the students’ connecting flight to Puerto Rico, our team provided the group with various alternative options to travel to Puerto Rico, including re-booking the students separately on different flights, but the group understandably declined. While we cannot control the weather, we know that this class worked hard to raise their funds and are reaching out to the group to refund their tickets and assist in arranging future travel.”

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