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Tim Black vs DP – Stefan Molyneux on Gay Marriage – Fossils are Fake! DPP #86

This is the Drunken Peasants podcast with Ben & TJ featuring Scotty. Bringing you the latest in news, entertainment, politics from an altered perspective. Hoodies now available!: http://teespring…

25 Responses to “Tim Black vs DP – Stefan Molyneux on Gay Marriage – Fossils are Fake! DPP #86”

  1. awesumsauce1 says:

    I’m cool like a fedora

  2. BetterThanJesus says:

    1:19:12 I completely believe that abortion is cool. Every abortion mean one
    less worthless little abomination screaming in a restaurant when i’m trying
    to enjoy my meal. 

  3. TimmahDee says:

    So… why do TJ and Scotty scream “I eat ass” at 2:15:30?

  4. pyrosaitan l says:

    it’s brilliant that it takes him a quarter of the entire fucking video just
    to defend himself from being called an asshole when he apparently says he
    doesn’t care what people call him
    40+ minutes people, that’s how much he doesn’t care about how people think
    of him

  5. Plant Gollum says:

    Lee Harvey Oswald got off 3 shots in 4 seconds with a bolt action rifle
    witch professional snipers since then have fail to replicate so there is no
    possible way Lee Harvey Oswald did it alone

  6. Ziliath says:

    i hope Repzion watched this part with the Dino hoax vid.. because he made a
    response and got it wrong.. and DP is right.

  7. Philly Wonken says:

    Sterile Molester is the greatest thinker in this millennium. The Console
    Peasants are just retarded.

  8. Jason Brown says:

    That fat pastor looks like he’s going to give himself a heart attack.

  9. Joseph Tucker says:

    liberterians and communists differ in how they want to manage society,
    communists useally want to use laws to tell people how to act: Whilst
    libertariens try and encourage benefitial behaviour. This is as far as i
    can summise from the bat shit ways they exsplain things.

  10. Alex Smith says:

    Why do you need a disclaimer at the beginning? 

  11. Flutter Guye says:

    As a brony I reject the notion that I killed anyone

    I am a pedophile tho. So theres that

  12. poo shoveler says:

    Sam Harris is picked on because he singles out Islam as the worst religion.
    Not because he picks on it. He sounds like a Christian apologist when he
    says we should strike first against them. Should we do a nuclear first
    strike against the south too? The KKK and Christians live there.

  13. Jesus Christ says:

    Tim black is a backstabbing cunt.

  14. Sabrina Grossman says:

    For Stefam Molinoo, Yes, well, the fact that I have more to juggle as a
    single parent leaves for a very responsible, self-empowered child in the
    end. I am not here to run after my child and clean up their mess, they have
    to do it themselves. The audacity of it! :P

  15. Michael Black says:

    I can’t bear Stefan Molyneux’s way of looking at everything like an
    economic calculation. Everything has to be about costs and benefits. What a
    depressing way to look at the world. 

  16. GirlDoesRant says:

    About the only thing the fossil girl was right about was that they weren’t
    technically bones. The rest she was so wrong about it, her smug-o-scale
    brings the cringe through the roof.

  17. Fuck you Google says:

    1:10:00 ish mark, Stephanie manure is basically putting the cart before the
    horse, he says couples get together to have children, whereas in reality
    they get together because they love each other, and then because they love
    each other, then having children, because they love each other.

  18. Sabin Figaro says:

    At about 1 hour in, is where you guys are wrong, drunken peasants.
    Whatever you intend to do with your marriage is entirely up to yourself,
    but that is totally besides the point here. And however, that does not
    change the idea of marriage as a custom and practice, which stated by
    Molyneux, is a public declaration of what the common notion of marriage was
    and is, the whole family thing, with children and all, even if the marriage
    is childless.
    You can’t change the meaning or substance of words, even if you don’t
    approve of it, especially just to make it fit your own perception.
    I’m not sure about all of the history of matrimony, but in the Abrahamic
    religions, gays can’t marry, and that is what the whole fucking gripe is
    about, not being allowed in the club.

  19. Maxbooze says:


  20. matt w says:

    I think Tim Black’s heart is in the right place but he just can’t fess up
    about being wrong. He’ll start reaching so far up his ass that he starts
    pushing shit through his mouth. 

  21. FapMastaWong says:

    Shit dieing as a black woman and being reborn as a white man shit talk
    about a good roll of the dice 

  22. Nocturne Machine says:

    I’m 1 of your female fans :D… but I’m getting a sex change soon.

  23. android688 says:

    you should remove the begging disclaimer and just add ‘TRIGGER WARNING:

  24. Dhaat Dhood says:

    I enjoy when Stefan is ridiculed and verbally dissected

  25. skeletonmf says:

    The reason Stefan Molyneux has so many fans is because he masquerades
    around as an intellectual and makes overly simplistic talking points which
    gives his fans an excuse to be assholes. A lot of people resent their
    families, women, the fact they have to pay taxes, etc. Molyneux fuels that
    resentment with his idiotic rants. He’s a first class asshole.


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