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Three seniors graduating from Thorp High School – Daily Record

When some classes graduate from high school, the students don’t know half of their classmates. But that’s not the case for Nick Kingham, Quannah Shields and Chloe Hamm, who are the only three graduating seniors at Thorp High School.

The three seniors attribute to their success throughout high school to Thorp’s small class sizes and tight-knit school.

“If it wasn’t for this school, I probably would have dropped out,” Kingham said. His classmates agreed.

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Kingham said he went to bigger-sized schools and he enjoyed the smaller class sizes and one-on-one teaching that Thorp offers. Thorp has about 136 students from preschool to 12th grade. This isn’t the smallest class the school has ever had. Last year there were only two graduating seniors..

“When classes are small, students get more teacher interaction and there is less of a chance to fall through the cracks,” Vice Principal Christopher Jensen said.

Nick Kingham

Kingham is passionate about art and it shows. He plans on doing an apprenticeship in glass blowing in Seattle.

“I’m really excited about that,” he said.

He said he’s done glass blowing before and he’s looking forward to getting better at it. He plans on attending Central Washington University to take some business classes after he’s done with his apprenticeship.

“Art is super cool,” he said. “Art is my passion and (glass blowing) is my favorite art form. I really want to get into it because I feel like I’ll be entertained in my work. It’s like playing with adult Play-Doh.”

Phil Kern, a science, math and robotics teacher at Thorp, said he’s noticed that Kingham is drawn to “anything graphical.” Kern also mentioned that Kingham let him ride his hover board.

“So that’s the one thing I learned with Nick is that if I can find a way that relates to art he’ll understand it,” he said. “He comes in with these fantastical things he’s learned on the internet like quantum reality.”

Quannah Shields

Shields wanted to take her love of crime TV shows and turn that into a career. She will be attending Central Washington University to major in Law and Justice.

“I want to be a homicide detective,” she said. “A homicide detective gets to deal with all the icky stuff and I want to be able to do that.”

Shields’ biggest accomplishment in school was being the president of the Associated Student Body. She was the vice president her junior year. She’s being going to Thorp for the past three years, and also was part of the FBLA.

“I wanted to be able to help the Thorp High School become fun. I never really did school things and decided to change that up,” she said.

Shields said she likes to sing and play guitar and piano.

“When I’m bored I just sing. It takes my mind of things. And when I play instruments, they just sound so beautiful and make me feel very calm,” she said.

Kern said she has a great artistic ability as well as a strong interest in math.

“She has a natural knack for that (math),” he said. “And she sings.”

Lynn French, business education and math teacher, said Shields assumed a huge responsibility when she became the president of ASB.

“There was a task to be done all the time and she persevered while juggling so many different aspects of her life,” French said. “I really have to hand it to her that she has come out the other end still standing. It was hard work for her. She had a job to do and she got it done.”

Chloe Hamm

Hamm is described by her teachers as a “strong but quiet leader.”

“She has tenacity and she has a drive. She has matured enough to know there’s more than high school,” French said.

She will be attending Edmonds Community College after she graduates and said she wants to travel.

“(I’m looking forward to) having my freedom,” she said. “I want go and travel. And see anything else besides Washington because that’s all I’ve ever known is Washington.”

Hamm was a part of a photography club, journalism club and yearbook. She was the president last year of yearbook. She also rides dirt bikes.

She said she enjoyed the time she spent with Shields and Kingham.

“I think out of my entire school career, I liked being able to go to school with my friends and have fun during class. Like goofing around but still getting stuff done,” she said.

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