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These #4 Startups are Lending a Helping Hand to Senior Citizens

The senior citizens need more attention and care to live an easier life. In busy day to day schedule, we mostly forget to look after the senior members of the family. We think that the retirement time is the most relaxing phase for senior citizens but with increasing age, the unavoidable health problem and challenges also keep on escalating. Many start-ups in India are working to provide professional help and support to elderly and senior citizens. Let’s take a look at four startups that are making daily life easier for senior citizens staying alone at home.

Elder Ease India: Kolkata-based Elder Ease India is an online store for senior citizens and elders. It aims to fulfill their needs by selecting some of the best products from a host of global players, including USA, UK and Germany. The company offers various products including home safety, daily living aids, mobility, and others to make life more comfortable. It further saves from the hassles of visiting a brick and mortar store and provides all products online.

Goodhands Seniorcare: Goodhands Seniorcare provides a range of services that holistically cater to the challenges senior citizens face every day. The Bengaluru-based startup provides a dedicated senior care specialist to help seniors with their well-being and ensure that their family gets regular and clear updates on them.Their services include healthcare, emergency care, everyday conveniences and social engagement. Goodhands Seniorcare aims to foster strong relationships with seniors by supporting their independence and being a reliable ally in times of need.

Beautiful Years: Bengaluru-based Beautiful Years helps finding best senior care services, be it a trusted nurse, a physiotherapist, an attendant, or a reputable retirement community to spend beautiful years there. The start-up is also building online communities of people taking care of ageing parents with similar conditions (such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and others). Their assistance and recommendations are free of charge, as well as the on-line directory of elder care services and senior living facilities. Apart from that, Beautifulyears’ e-shop provides and lists many life-improving senior care products.

Silver Talkies: Silvertalkies is an online magazine and platform for Indians over 60. The start-up holds exclusive events, workshops, and several other activities for senior citizens in Bengaluru every month. The events are kept small, in order to let people experience it the best way possible, interact with each other and make friends. Their website is the hub for information on all topics related to senior citizens. All topics of interest ranging from health, wellness, and entertainment to stories of enterprising seniors and companies with services for seniors can be easily accessed on their portal.

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