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The Invisibile World of Gay Conversion Therapy (Full Length)

Conversion therapy is the practice of “curing” gay people by trying to turn them straight through counseling and lifestyle restrictions. In this special report, VICE gets exclusive access…

24 Responses to “The Invisibile World of Gay Conversion Therapy (Full Length)”

  1. KidThunder says:

    Remember to like/dislike the video based off of how well it was done, not
    how you feel about the topic.

  2. mypinkninja says:

    the whole journey into manhood program is very very gay

  3. makeliberty says:

    Going from straight to gay is awesome and 100% encouraged.
    Going from gay to straight is a terrible, horrible crime, and must be

  4. Master David says:

    I still don’t understand people care what the fuck other people do. I feel
    like if we take religion out of the everyday live’s of everyone people will
    start to see what they been doing wrong and slowly everyone will come to
    understand that no ” God ” is gonna come help and save you that we only
    have each other so we need to encourage and help one another no matter how
    different they are. I’m not saying there is or isn’t a ” God ” cause no one
    knows for sure but if there was the last thing he would be concerned about
    is that you like to fuck guy’s.

  5. says:

    I don’t see a problem with this if it’s a legal adult’s choice to go there.
    I may not agree with it, but it’s their life, they can go to any goofy camp
    they want.

  6. Ben Duncan says:

    I feel like there maybe better ways of going around not being gay. But if
    they want help in that way its there choice. 

  7. pwnapoluzastudios says:

    The psychologist from this reminds me of the one from GTAV haha

  8. uh says:

    why did they have to get a national center for lesbian rights spokesperson
    to tell me this is wrong. I need unbiased opinions

  9. djoc417 says:

    Journey into manhood? 300 dudes in the wood acting out movies & dumb shit,
    Foh that shit gay in itself lmfaooo. Where the hoes at? Want to convert a
    gay man back straight? Strip that nigga & lock him in a room with 3 bad
    bitches thats DTF.
    #ImaCoon lmfao

  10. psyssi says:

    Why does vice upload it in three parts, and then a final cumulative part?
    More YouTube shekels or what? 

  11. Noctica says:

    lol, these guys are in for a shock when they die… Well. Nothing.
    Absolutely nothing.

  12. Alpha NetRS says:

    Honestly too many people get involved in other people’s business. Don’t
    like gay marriage – don’t have one, don’t like abortion – don’t have one,
    don’t like eating meat – don’t eat it, don’t like Christmas – don’t
    celebrate it. But don’t be telling other people what they can or can not do
    based on your own personal beliefs.
    If you’re gonna be judgemental about other people you have better make damn
    sure you’re perfect. 

  13. DurexDurpaneu2 says:

    Religion needs to die. 

  14. amyrah94 says:

    You guys do realize that “former” gay guys are the ones running this group 

  15. LeonMohrDrumming says:

    The real problem isn’t that whole conversion thing, but the society that
    lead to such bullshit with not accepting others

  16. Roberto Carlos says:

    Anyone that supports this retarded behaviour can’t really be called a
    human. Anyone that believes in this has lost their sense of being, their
    humanity long ago.

  17. Fantic1980 says:

    It angers me deeply that people in 2015 believe that everyone should be the
    same. Where sexuality is caused by bad parenting, or bad teaching in
    schools. The fact that some people have found a “cure”, for something
    totally natural is utterly ridiculous! Being a totally heterosexual man
    with many gay and bisexual friends, does not mean I’m going to change my
    sexuality. Why is religion and social pressure such a problem in 2015? Why
    should you feel the need to “diminish your sexuality?” 

  18. superguy123ify says:

    Being a bisexual male I feel the need to go to this camp and hit on every
    guy there, just to piss them off.

  19. ClaimAmerica4Christ says:

    Gay conversion therapy absolutely does work, but only if a person has faith
    in the Lord while making a sincere and honest commitment to change and
    overcome their perverted, immoral and self-destructive homosexual

  20. Amy Brown says:

    Well.. seeming as I like men too.. I’d say the last thing you want to do is
    shack me up in the woods with a few dozen dudes. Seems a little counter
    productive. I’d not only be forming bonds but falling in love and checking
    out their packages too. Lol I’m just saying.

    But yeah… spiritual male bonding in a secluded area is a sure way to beat
    the gay right out of ya, kids!

  21. EVO Fan says:

    Im a straight guy but if you want to suck another mans dick you should be
    free to do so in 2015. If my son became gay I wouldn’t treat that boy any
    different. I might have to buy him a pink dress and a pink thong for his
    birthday but i would still love the boy. fear is a bitch. if your parents
    don’t like it tell them to fuck off because your job in this life is to
    have fun and be free as possible. PERIOD. if u have a shitty job leave and
    be free. its your life

  22. Nick Hester says:

    Every single one of those guys running that camp is still gay. You can tell
    just by listening to the sound of their voice.

  23. Dillon Miller says:

    I’m fairly sure all those dudes are fucking each other.Why do you think
    they all come back lol.

  24. DeckchairPhilosopher says:

    You can’t promise a change of sexual orientation, but you can cultivate
    disciplines in living a self-controlled life. For some, that might lead to
    change, but for most it probably will not. As human beings, we have the
    dignity of not having our lives determined by our instincts; rather, by
    conscious decisions we choose our path in the face of life’s given
    circumstances. Faced with a tendency towards aberrant sexual desires,
    should it not be deemed praiseworthy that a human should refuse to have
    their actions be viciously determined by any biological or psychological
    pre-disposition? Nothing would be more characteristically human. Our
    society’s infatuation with punting human choice to some form of
    psycho-biological determinism is tragic.


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