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The Gay Sweater

Created by the Canadian Centre of Gender & Sexual Diversity Visit to donate, download educational kits, and learn more about The Gay Sweater Project….

25 Responses to “The Gay Sweater”

  1. CCGSD | CCDGS says:
  2. GM4ThePeople says:

    Supergay. Atomically gay. Steeped in gayness.

  3. Gil Maher says:

    It looks itchy, but cool

  4. Rodolfo Netto says:

    What is “gay hair”?

  5. CobaltBartimaeus says:

    The gayest sweater in the world xD I love it

  6. Jessica Ruano says:

    Are the buttons gay, too?

  7. OUTtv says:

    Tearing down ‘that’s so gay’… by making something that actually is.

  8. OnionBocata says:

    it looks like it’s been found inside a gay trash can 

  9. Toronto Batman says:

    1:40 why isn’t she wearing any shoes?

  10. alejandro baruzzi says:

    This video is soo gay

  11. Joe O'Neill says:

    That’s not a sweater. That’s a hairshirt.

  12. rg0057 says:

    Next up: gay terrariums, where instead of soil or peat, the dried skin
    flakes and dandruff of actual gay people is used.

    And gay aquariums, where instead of water, the saliva of actual gay people
    is used (sanitized of course, and pH adjusted for the fish).

    Gay yellow wood stain, gay brown latex paint … the product line is almost

  13. Greg Wycliffe says:

    Gay hair is NOT different, just like Gay people are NOT different (maybe

    I understand there are good intentions behind the project but I see this as
    a step backwards for LGBT rights. It differentiates Gays as being
    something DIFFERENT, something SEPARATE, something GAY. We should be
    striving for SAMENESS, ONENESS.
    In regards to preventing people from saying “That’s so Gay”: that’s like
    trying to get people to stop listening to shitty pop music or make a
    dumbass stop being a dumbass… Its not gonna happen. Straight people
    ruined it again and repurposed the word in a negative way. Sorry. But don’t
    Fret. Gay people are amazing and they should be enlightened enough to
    realize they cannot control the culture of a dim population. In fact
    claiming Hair has a sexual orientation just makes us look dim.

  14. LightflashLP says:

    As a gay guy. This video is so gay. 

  15. jim bentley says:

    nasty, faggot wool.

  16. Sharon Constable says:

    Surely there must be some gay sheep or alpacas out there (more comfortable
    on the skin). Gay farm animals, step up!

  17. John Doe says:

    ayy lmao faggets

  18. Tray Baby says:

    Do people forget that gay meant happy first? 0:35 People are overly
    sensitive. It’s just a word that would probably change/have a different
    meaning in the next 50 years.

  19. Gretchen G says:

    That sweater is ugly and the people wearing it are degenerates. This video
    is so gay, and by gay I mean terrible. 

  20. Sonnenblume Mneme says:

    Das ist soooo schwul! :)

  21. Сергей Цырик says:

    а волосы откуда брали,из каких мест?

  22. Scotty Wish says:

    What a brilliant idea to show people you’re no different than anyone else. *cough

  23. Retsnomi says:

    This is beyond stupid and quite frankly gross. Also see South park
    episode; the F word. Maybe you hypersensitive types can get over
    yourselves already. Nobody cares.

  24. chad lawson says:


  25. ZebraFlavoredGummi says:

    Stop trying to control people’s speech you creepy marxist cult bastards.
    If Hitler had made a sweater out of homosexual’s hair you would demand a
    global day of atonement, and wail to the heavens while tearing at your
    garments. Get a gd hobby – have you considered stamp collecting?


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