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The Gay Agenda Committee

We are Katie and Lindsay from the Gay Agenda Committee. Remember, no one knows we exist. MERCH: Facebook: …

25 Responses to “The Gay Agenda Committee”

  1. Tris J. says:


  2. emma n says:

    is her sweatshirt on backwards????

  3. taylor varner says:

    The fact that this has 437 likes and 0 dislikes says something.

  4. Karuna Satori ASMR says:

    “Would you like to go with me?” “I don’t.”

  5. amanda york says:

    Hahahaha wow this was amazing

    I had to watch it twice cause the first time I watched it I was half asleep

  6. Karuna Satori ASMR says:

    But I mean it when I say you guys are one of my biggest influences in
    coming out to everyone I know and Love (I’m bisexual). You have such good
    intentions and lovely, loving hearts. Your Channel is absolutely brilliant,
    it needs so much more publicity and subs. Consider me one of your biggest
    fans no doubt, I Love Love Love your work! Like I said, this Channel is
    nothing but great, brilliant content.. but IKEA Lesbian will always be the
    greatest video ever made. Love you! xx

  7. Mikanojo says:

    mittens for kittens – the secret password for all of those clandestine
    meetings of the gay agenda
    (⌐■_■)ง゚ ♡=(•.•)=♡

  8. UnsolicitedProject says:

    Who wants to join The Gay Agenda?

  9. Ari Fitz says:

    shit, you two leaked the secret…

  10. Jessica Carpenter says:

    I stand and give you a round of applause!!! Love, love this. 

  11. Prestidigitoreum says:

    Please tell me this is going to be a series of videos.

  12. xvCentral says:

    Project Gay is actually code for a revolutionary underground fight club
    headed by the Committee. The group aims to sabotage the Straight Nation,
    bring down the patriarchy and push the Gay Agenda. O_O

  13. llmusicfreak says:

    this was uploaded on my birthday, thanks gay agenda

  14. thatbrownone says:

    I mean I am in, but I am so confused. But still in!

  15. TheGeekyIntrovert says:

    The first rule of The Gay Agenda is: You do not talk about The Gay Agenda.
    The second rule of The Gay Agenda is: You do not talk about The Gay Agenda.
    Third rule of The Gay Agenda: Someone yells stop, goes limp, taps out, the
    fight is over.

  16. Thecrazycatlady says:

    Read small print on the bottom at the end 

  17. Kim Aboy says:

    short but witty!

  18. Norland3 says:

    Hay you ever think that God created 3 people, Adam, Eve and a Lesbian. And
    one day Eve was like ‘Hay Adam I just met a new friend, Nicky’ and Adam was
    all like ‘WTF Eve there’s another dude here?!?!’ and Eve’s like ‘NO Adam!!
    lol Nickys a girl, its short for Nicola but she likes to be called
    Nicky…. for some reason’. Then Adam, (eyebrow seedily raised) is like
    ‘hmmm 2 girls’. Then Nicky comes along ands all like ‘Hay Eve wanna go hang
    out behind those dinosaurs (that are apparently in the Garden of Eden)’ and
    Eves like ‘Totally’. Adam comes along to, ya know, join. And Nickys like
    ‘erm no sorry dude but there’s no room’, and Eves like ‘yeah Adam, what she
    said’. Then Adams proper RAGING and consults with his pal ‘Snakey’ who
    suggests a BIG FAT FORBIDEN FRUITY revenge. So Adam picks the forbidden
    banana and hides it in Nicky’s fanny pack full o’ dildos. And then God
    comes back from his nap for a snack ands like ‘OH MY FU*K*NG ME’ who stole
    my forbidden banana so he searches under every Wolverine and Wallaby every
    crotch covering leaf till finally he finds it amongst Nicks vibrators. And
    he’s like. ‘EWE’ (not the sheep) ‘I can’t eat that now!!!’ ‘I cant believe
    you Nicky, I make you like the most awesome thing ever, a gurl who likes
    gurls, ugh! YOU ARE TOTALLY BANISHED!!’ Then Eve finds out what Adam done
    (ya know from her DNA and fingerprinting analysis) and decides to get her
    own back. So she consults with Snakey (who totally has his own agenda) and
    tells her the same sh*t he told Adam. So she’s all like ‘C’mon Adam eat
    this banana its got loads of vitamins and sh*t………. and its a natural
    aphrodisiac’. So Adam takes a bite just big G arrives on the scene who just
    FLIPS OUT!!!! like ‘DUDE I literally just banished someone for this
    like…WHAT EVEN…??’ ‘That’s it EVERYONE OUT party’s over! So now Adams
    banished and is like soooo homophobic but really he just wants to sleep
    with a lesbian. He passes this on to his kids and THIS IS THE ROOT OF ALL

  19. Figgy Winks says:

    Kitten Mittons? Don’t you know you can’t put mittens on kittens? Cats do
    not abide by the laws of nature.

  20. Theboywholivedlives says:

    Finally a group that I can throw my support behind 100%…consider me in

  21. xXThatGirlWhoGamesXx says:

    You guys make my day so much better omg

  22. Oanh Le says:

    Did anyone else see that little disclaimer that says “Remember, we’re not
    real”? tehe.

  23. Deborah Norwood says:

    ……backs away slowly trying not so show fear

  24. Maddie Barraclough says:

    The real gay agenda: Make sure people are allowed to love each other, and
    wear lots of rainbows <3

  25. Iris Alvarado says:

    “Rumors have been circulating that there is no gay agenda those rumors were
    spread by us” lmao 


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