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The First Big Win For Gay Marriage In 2015. SCOTUS Overturns Alabama’s Courts

“A Federal District Court judge, Callie V. Granade, ruled last month that Alabama’s ban on same-sex marriage was unconstitutional, but put her ruling on hold until Monday, to give the state…

25 Responses to “The First Big Win For Gay Marriage In 2015. SCOTUS Overturns Alabama’s Courts”

  1. cjbos81 says:

    Finally Cenk can marry the man he loves.

  2. coolgy67 says:

    Just let the gays put a ring on it if they want to. There’s more important
    shit we should be dealing with.

  3. Senk Oogur says:

    My fellow libtards,

    Although the state of Alabama has the chance to appeal the ruling, let’s
    call it a big win anyway because we have a great confidence that our
    libtarded agenda will prevail.

    -Senk Oogur, mayor of Libtardville

  4. T Myte says:

    I think TYT is confusing a lot of definitions. Like when republicans said
    they were the fighters against slavery, NO NO they switched their position.
    Progressive now is basically very pro government and very socialist. This
    will be the demise of the country has it always been in the past.
    Conservative now are the ones fighting for freedom, As in the past and will
    in the future. No matter how much TYT tries to degrade that idea.

  5. Andrew Palim says:

    One gay republican here! (Paleo-conservative, not of this Bible Belt

  6. Todd Bridges says:

    Atheism is the next big political movement. Progressives will inevitably
    win this issue as well. Atheism is rising all across the globe. I can’t
    wait for the day that Christianity becomes completely obsolete and
    irrelevant in this country.

  7. Jam1053428 says:

    “Forcing” your way through courts doesn’t mean you win, it’s the opposite,
    it means you’ve lost by default. You see society overall will never accept
    the sick perverse lifestyle of homosexuality. People may “pretend” to here
    and there, but abnormal will still be abnormal at the end of the day.

  8. The night wanderer says:

    Wouldn’t same sex couples still be afraid somewhat to get married in
    Alabama of all places?

  9. Alice Die For Me says:

    A big loss for the orphan kids who will be adopted and daily raped by these
    gay couples.

  10. Supersnow ​​ says:

    While other countries are starving to death every night Americans worry
    about 2 dudes or 2 chicks fucking. Clearly worth the years and years and
    years of time dedicated to this retarded shit.

  11. Kat Sam says:

    now the Conservative homophobes are going to have to live vicariously
    through their fellow homophobe Vladamir Putin. Perhaps they’ll move to

  12. Sofía Rodriguez says:

    Considering that Mississippi was the last state to officially abolish
    slavery in 1995, I suspect that Mississippi will be the last state to
    legalize gay marriage.

  13. Hiarhu says:

    There is no legitimate moral or legal argument to not allow consenting
    adults of the same sex to enter into the marriage contract.

  14. MetrazolElectricity says:

    I think we’re all kinda tired of this gay marriage b.s. , it had its moment
    and now these people need to move the fuck along. 

  15. Lee Daniels says:

    HA HA HA!, Take that Alabama, and suck on that, you homophobes!.

  16. Rin Aldrin says:

    Next goal in the movement is transgender rights.

  17. xhoggerx129 says:

    Please stop calling it marriage. The proper term is a “same sex union.” A
    ‘marriage’ is between one man and one woman.

  18. clyde gallagher says:

    Fags, Welcome to the world of divorce and asset division. You wanted
    it…now you got it. 

  19. Ellis Grain says:


  20. jetsfan jetsfa says:

    first of all dont say conservative say republican. its an offensive
    stereotype to throw all people with conservative economics with being
    racist. second its a win for legit libertarians more then liberals. this is
    the freedom we want for all. you talk about expanding freedom for all and
    conservatives only want freedom for thereselevs. if you were such a liberty
    lover you would want people to have the freedom to bear arms and want a
    small gov but you love big gov and taxing innocent people like a mad man.
    dont pick and choose situations where u want freedom , just like you claim
    conservatives do, you should want the maximum amount of freedom without
    hurting anyone else as possible.

  21. Zed Flanders says:

    7.3 million or 1 out of every 31 people in the US are currently in prison,
    in jail on probation or on parole. The biggest civil liberties issue that
    plagues the US is the drug war.

  22. GarudaLegends says:

    This is why the usa is continually getting weaker. The usa is an athiest
    nation, and cannot be considered to be in a holy war. You cant support
    homos and say in god we trust. Satan has a special place for you and your
    homo followers in hell cenk. You can suck all the poop covered dick you
    want down there

  23. alex L. says:

    Why is homosexuality always associated with pedophilia? I cannot find
    anything in common between the two. I find more stuff in common between
    homo and heterosexuality.

  24. Red Meth says:

    Some dude brought up transgender rights in the comment section, which lead
    me to this serious question (and run on sentence). If a trans person
    (please forgive my terminology if that’s the wrong phrasing) did a crime,
    what jail would the state send that person to?
    If they were born a man, but got an operation and became a woman, would
    they go to a women’s jail? Not trying to be an asshole, or make fun, just
    asking a question.

  25. TheWarpReaver says:

    The only reason that gay rights have progressed is because of all the rich
    gay people.

    Money is what matters, not right or wrong just how much money you can throw
    into it.


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