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23 Responses to “SUSPENDED FOR BEING GAY!”

  1. Katelyn Toner says:

    I live in Ireland so we don’t really have anything like that… I am
    actually shocked this is allowed to happen.

  2. Sophie Marx says:

    It’s so sad that this happening in a country that’s so proud of their

  3. Sam Jessmon says:

    This is a serious issue and the schools don’t even realize how much this is
    hurting kids at school and at home. My senior year of high school my school
    outed me to my parents because I tried to buy prom tickets for me and my gf
    at the time. The school board was so offended that they didn’t allow me to
    get tickets and I was put on the list to not be allowed into prom. My
    parents also kicked me out for it and it caused me to barely be able to
    graduate all because I wanted to go with a girl. It’s ridiculous 

  4. Brittany Chan says:

    That’s why I don’t come out, like never. ;-; COME ON PEOPLE, IT’S 2015, IF

  5. Zabsberry Pie says:

    Why isn’t it letting me like or reply to anyone’s comments? I’m so
    frustrated with it right now!!! Damn you, YouTube comment system thing!

  6. Jackie Jackson says:

    So imma try it again but it wont be as good as it was D:<
    tbh my school is really accepting students that are being themselves. One
    of my friends came out as bisexual last year and everyone is like 'oh
    that's cool, I'm fine with that' and she never experienced hate or mean
    comments. I noticed that there's a gender fluid student on my school, some
    days I see them wearing more masculine clothes and other days more feminine
    clothes and no one ever thinks or says something about it. We also have a
    gay teacher and the first day at school a guy from class asked if she had a
    boyfriend and her reply was 'no… but I do have a girlfriend', she's my
    favorite teacher ever since. I'm also very different, people are noticing
    that I like girls and I've had a few people calling me 'dyke' and 'fag' but
    I don't really mind. Since a few weeks I shop at the boys section because I
    identify as demigirl, people notice me wearing more masculine clothes (also
    the gay teacher ^.^) and when they ask about it I tell them it's actually
    from the boys section and their response is always 'oh cool, I like your
    bow tie' (so now we're at the point my laptop deleted everything) I heard
    from older students that there have been kids kicked out of school for
    bullying and the fact and idea that my school does something about bullying
    makes me feel safe. I go to a really small high school, probably about 450
    students so I basically notice and hear everything but never ever bullying.
    It makes me happy that there are still schools that work on bullying and
    where students feel save. So this is my experience at school. Have a queer

  7. Arielle Scarcella says:

    Loved this babeeeee

  8. pookie patterson says:

    I’m a trans male I wear guys clothes but have never got in trouble for it
    but my friends who is also trans wore some hot pink skinny jeans and got
    iss (in school suspension) because they claim its against dress code which
    only says jeans can’t have holes and have to be pulled up to your waist so
    her mom sued the school

  9. Ducks Can Fly Ducks Can Fly says:

    everything else I agree with you (except for the part you are ok with
    someone writing on the desk with a marker, doesn’t matter what marker it
    is, damaging school property is damaging school property).

  10. Rose Branner says:

    This happened to my girlfriend Elizabeth and I while we lived in Maine, We
    had just moved there and we knew nothing about the schools rules. So
    anyway. Her and i were talking to each other and she asked me to prom, I of
    course said yes and we went to go buy our prom tickets and I said, “One for
    me and one for my amazing girlfriend.” Then she kissed my face. The
    Secretary said “we can’t allow you and your ‘girlfriend’ to buy prom
    tickets, if we let you then all of the other gay people would want to buy
    prom tickets.” Then the vice principal came by and asked what was going on,
    i told him the whole story and he said, “i apologize for the inconvenience
    but gay people are not allowed to go to any social gatherings that involve
    homosexual people.”
    Two weeks later, the principal called us to the office and expelled us for
    “being gay in public.” Like WTF? Why should we by expelled for PDA and the
    straight couples not? 

  11. Anita Trigueeos says:

    My teacher. Was but a ass hole cause she know I’m gay and kick me out and
    gave me 2weeks of lunch. Detention and when I came back to class I got kick
    out again. And I get good grade. I’m a good kid I’m 13 and I just came out
    so help me please. What can I do………..

  12. Lu Marasovich says:

    I’m from Argentina and to me it’s hard to imagine that, cuz I study in a
    CATHOLIC SCHOOL and I think maybe 10 or more students are
    homosexuals/bisexuals and they are well received (I mean that they are not
    bullied, although you can hear comments about them in the halls sometimes,
    but that’s all), they have friends and they are like any other students,
    like it should be everywhere… So USA you need to catch up! You and your
    “freedom” aren’t seen quite well… Just saying 

  13. Lgbtlife says:

    At my school gay couples have to sign a waiver for prom that says that they
    really are a gay couple.
    Here’s the best part:
    Do straight couples have to sign this? No.
    Do their parents have to sign it? No.

    Somebody please explain this to me.

  14. MLP VM101 says:

    I almost got kicked out of my school cause’ of my colored hair.
    A kid said it was, ” Too distracting while working. ” -.-

  15. Mei Egoshi says:

    Racism, Ableism, Homophobes, Transphobes…..disgusting.

  16. Jaya N.S. says:

    My school is super accepting which is amazing, but we just got a new
    principal and I’ve heard that he’s super conservative so I’m a bit nervous.

  17. Sarah C. says:

    At one point I was being put down for being white. I would sing a “black”
    song or rap along to a “black” song and people would say “you cant do that”
    or “stop that youre white” it really made me hate the body I was put in for
    a good 2 years of my life

  18. Jenn'sPOV says:

    Steph, you’re such a beautiful and intelligent woman. The entire public
    school system is flawed. School was traumatizing for me, so I know how bad
    it is for those 80%. It breaks my heart that the world is so ignorant. 

  19. Jaden Diamante Donovan says:

    I got in school suspension for kissing my girlfriend on a bus (we were a
    same-sex couple). I was also brought into and office and threatened with
    more in school suspension if I continued to hold her hand in the school.

  20. Aubrey Moore says:

    One time this girl threw a book at me because I was bi and I picked the
    book up and threw it back and it hit her in her head… I’m not the best at
    solving problems. 

  21. Tin_tin132 says:

    The closest thing to being treated differently because of my identity, was
    once there was these girls who where doing there hair, then they said they
    invented a new hair style I was walking past and I quickly said that it
    already existed and said what it was called, then I got pulled aside when
    everyone went out to lunch, and got told by my teacher that I shouldn’t say
    things like that or people might begin to start rumors that I was gay, but
    I was gay so I said ok shrugged it of and didn’t change a thing about
    myself, it just absolutely horrifies me that some people are forced to
    change who they are, it’s just disgusting. 

  22. Lena The Geek Girl says:

    Suspended for WHAT!? This video *needs* to be watched and spread

  23. Mallory Johnson says:

    suspended for what?! let’s not make surviving high school any more
    difficult than it already is. please watch and lend your support. i know i


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