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Surviving Gay Conversion Therapy (Trailer)

Watch Part 1 now on VICE: Watch Part 2 now on VICE: Conversion therapy is the practice of “curing” gay people by trying to turn…

24 Responses to “Surviving Gay Conversion Therapy (Trailer)”

  1. VICE says:

    We went to a camp where they try to turn gay people straight.

    Watch Part 1 now on VICE:

  2. jprl10 says:

    “Surviving” they want to be normal, they want help with their issue, so how
    are they “surviving” the help

  3. englishisshu says:

    I don’t understand why people say your sexuality is genetics when it is
    quite clearly a choice.

  4. Medrano Productions says:

    People stop the gayness it comes from evil thoughts

  5. WeWereTheStorm says:

    The problem really starts with society making gays and lesbians feel
    ashamed for something they shouldn’t. They started by calling it ungodly
    and a sin, then a disease, and today it’s unnatural.

  6. Michael Dante says:

    Filthy assholes should be wiped off the face of this earth >:(

    I’m talking about gay conversion therapists

  7. Kalux WT says:

    Christians……please stop….

  8. Deal with it says:

    Finally reasonable people who aren’t afraid to admit that homosexulity is
    mental illness.

  9. Bruh says:

    This shit straight fucked up , to be Christian you can be , gay , black ,
    white , lactose intolerant , celiac and mufucking glow in the dark. Fuck
    this old ass dude and his belief that homosexuality is a mufucking choice. 

  10. Jake c says:

    Send them to Russia, they will handle them. 

  11. Anders Bisi says:

    Why are people so damn homophobic?

  12. SuperDjguy says:

    ONLY IN CHRISTIANITY CAN I NOT BE GAY. I’m so tired of this bullshit. Being
    gay is not wrong. Being a lesbian is not wrong. Being bisexual is not
    wrong. Being transgender is not wrong. Being asexual or any other sexuality
    that exists is not wrong. You are who you are. That is how you are born.
    And for all the ass faces in the comments who say bisexual is a choice (or
    that any sexuality is) fuck off. I’m bi. This is me. I was born attracted
    to men and women (not just binary). I didn’t just decide I wanted to like
    men and women. I am this way. Deal with it leave people the fuck alone!

  13. Maria A says:

    If they want to go through a process in order to be ‘straight’ why can’t
    they do what they want?! Their life their choice.. if they wanna fuck men
    ok. If they wanna change themselves in order to want to fuck women why
    can’t they?

  14. UnnTHPS says:

    Good job religion. Really good job.

    Edit: Why the fuck do I even read these comments?

  15. earthalien77 says:

    so stupid….so–they say u can’t be gay & a ‘christian’…..BUT–they can
    be adulterers & christian…wife beaters & christian…porno addicts &
    christian…child molesters & christian, hate-filled & christian, arrogant
    & christian, racist & christian, nasty mean & christian…greedy &
    christian…promiscuous straight & christian…oh-kay now

  16. PromCorpSK says:

    Homosexuals cannot be christians. But child molesters can be a priests.
    What a doublestandards,lel.

  17. Jasmina Malowanyj says:

    I like boobs.

  18. misse7364 says:

    Gay is a disorder and mental illness
    MEN ARE ATTRACTED to women naturally
    if we broke this chain then where do babies come from
    I don’t think they will come from anal sex F

  19. Bude-jon Nimstric says:

    Homosexuality is a mental illness. 

  20. Savi D says:

    I can’t believe someone so utterly stupid was able to receive their PhD
    (I’m looking at you, Nicolosi). The fact that he thinks humans are not able
    to be naturally homosexual is insane. Has he never studied homosexuality in
    other animals? Rams, giraffes, dolphins, etc.? Homosexuality is a
    completely natural occurrence. To claim otherwise shows complete and total
    lack of knowledge on the subject. 

  21. Preemo Music Entertainment says:

    Its not natural, and its certainly not genetic. These faggots must have
    grown up around a bunch of other fags who made it seem ok to them, that’s

  22. Jenna08848 says:

    Here goes my blood pressure again with this christian bullshit. Popeye said
    it best, ” I yam what I yam Olivoil

  23. Envious Graphics and Music says:

    There is nothing wrong being gay I have a gay friend (his name is Tyler
    Dean Potts)…you’re born that way and you can’t change that. People only
    go to these camps because of these christian retards who think everything
    has to be perfect, and that being gay is worse that being Satan.

  24. Digger Howard says:

    “You cannot be Christian and gay.” So much for the whole “God is Love!”

    I have numerous good and wonderful Christian friends who are homosexuals.



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