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Students Throw “Anti-Gay Day” Protest On Campus

“Students at a Pennsylvania high school held an “Anti-Gay Day” protest on Thursday, wearing coordinated flannel shirts, writing “anti-gay” on their hands, and sticking Bible verses…

24 Responses to “Students Throw “Anti-Gay Day” Protest On Campus”

  1. Ugly Pyro says:

    Come on guys I thought we were past this whole hate gays thing.

  2. Abortion is no big deal It's not Murder says:

    They should face criminal charges because of the”lynch list”. That’s a
    death threat in my book.

  3. TheAlmacias says:

    Typical Christians acting like typical Christians. Nothing new here.

  4. Edgardo Peregrino says:

    They wore flannel, so I’m guessing they thought it was still 1992. Maybe I
    should hold an anti-flannel protest just to teach them a lesson as to why
    flannel is so 1992.

  5. Jeenius Foo says:

    Funny how these people always have gays in mind. I wonder why….

  6. Toby Magyver says:

    The hypocrites masturbate to girl on girl porn And then go on anti-gay

  7. Kuanhung Chen says:

    There is nothing quite like anti-gay than bunch of guys coordinate their
    outfits so they can dress the same.

  8. Aaron Beaulieu says:

    And with a neat little cross, to display that they are doing it because
    they are caring loving and forgiving people, just good and morally sound
    people….god this makes me sick, and im not bashing all Christians
    obvious, but these people are the biggest hypocrites ever

  9. DennisJ (The Last Methbender) says:

    Nice to see we have some decent humanbeings in the comments for once.

  10. Revo Red says:

    I know this is off topic but

    Desi is so hot

  11. DrChin Strap says:

    I don’t get how these pricks don’t get their asses whooped… 

  12. battlemanish says:

    those kids protesting gays forgets that if they ‘win’ theres gonna be no
    more lesbian porn. have you thought about that, hm?

  13. Gerard Bernat says:

    americans are so backwards it’s scary…

  14. Commodoor64 says:

    These bullies probably have sexual identity issues.

  15. S Cin says:

    Students Throw “Anti-Gay Day” Protest On Campus.

  16. Jack Pred says:

    Well guys I’m leaving earth. Feel free to join me on my starship.
    Destination: anywhere but here

  17. Rookis51 says:

    Oh, look, a group of people using their “Morality” to have an excuse for
    being a whole bunch of douchebags.
    How original.
    Get the fuck off our planet.

  18. Dennis McCarty says:

    Oh but it’s ok to have anti straight day…. Wtf…

  19. TheKalimanMX says:

    its funny because flannel shirts have been hijacked by the gay comunity in
    what is know as “lumbersexuals” LOL!

    nowadays if you dress like a lumberjack in canada you might as well be
    announcing to the world you are packing fudge =O

  20. Peter Ripson says:

    No they don’t have a right. They have a right to chant anti-gay nonsense
    off of school grounds in an organized effort, but on school grounds, any
    “organized” behavior that is directed at other students is simply bullying
    and harassment. The choice of pro-gay students to wear black and be as
    quiet as possible on a prescribed day is a matter of organized expression
    similar to a club or group wearing similar t-shirts one day. There’s a
    clear difference between the two; one is protected speech and not likely to
    be against school policy and the other is organized terrorism.

  21. philosophicalreason says:

    Blacks,immigrants,and now gays,which group is going to be the next target?

  22. DzY_Scorpio says:

    If gays did this and wrote
    Anti-straight on there hands and did this they’d be hailed a hero

  23. Ravinian says:

    So, we have a pro-gay day of silence, then an anti-gay response. The first
    wore black the second wore flannel. Those two facts are the only thing you
    have any evidence actually happened. Did the anti-gay group actually spew
    hatred, or was that just something a teenager from the first group said? A
    completely unsubstantiated “lynch list”….dutifully reported by TYT. A
    completely unsubstantiated noose in the classroom……dutifully reported
    by TYT. If any of that actually happened then it is of course deplorable.
    TYT, taking one side of a story and using highly questionable, biased
    sources for your story is no way to get to the truth. I suppose it’s a
    great way to further an agenda though.

  24. Logic Nazi says:

    L..G…B…T…?…Q R S T L N E…. How about HUMAN rights, why must we
    always break people up into groups that completely fail to define them. Who
    you choose to get freaky with while naked has zero impact on who you are as
    a person. Until everyone understands that if any of us are being mistreated
    it makes it more likely for them to be mistreated. Equal and all inclusive
    rights for humanity, anything else doesn’t cut it and is worth fighting


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