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Sovereign Education Media Launches New Book On Safe Senior Travel

Travelers with disabilities cannot afford to be carefree as their able-bodied friends when making travel arrangements. Chicago, IL publisher Sovereign Education Media is therefore proud to announce the launch of their latest book, “Accessibility – Disabled World Travels: Safe Senior Travel Made Easier”. The book was written by Tracey Ingram and is currently available at

“You still want to travel but you feel that your disability limits you,” says Stacey Towson from Sovereign Education Media. “Traveling for disabled people can be filled with additional challenges and requires serious planning, and unfortunately, many locations don’t provide the same quality of special needs services. Many seniors and baby boomers have special needs such as walkers, scooters, wheelchairs, and need comfort throughout their journey. The resources in this guide can help you access agencies that cater to seniors and those with disabilities.”

Tracey Ingram, as shown on her Facebook page at is committed to making sure that people with disabilities and health conditions have the same rights and abilities as those with able bodies. She explains: “People with health issues, chronic disease, or disabilities (temporary or permanent) have the same rights as non-disabled people. However, evidence suggests that people with disabilities face many barriers in accessing the health and services they need. I want to empower people to break down those barriers.”

Through her Facebook community, Tracey aims to provide people with a range of different tips and hints to help them travel safely and comfortably, and thereby be able to see the world properly. Through her book, she aims to teach people how to save money and have their personal assistant travel for free, have improved speech clarity for hearing aid users, reduce stress with travel preparations, increase visual acuity for low vision travelers, improve listening and lip-reading skills, ease joint pain for arthritis sufferers, having a supply of oxygen, and more.

Sovereign Education Media, meanwhile, is proud to have listed Tracey’s latest book on their website at They are committed to providing people with enjoyable and educational reading experiences on a variety of different topics, ranging from self-confidence to learning English.


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