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Snow White and the Huntsman Behind the Scenes footage with Benefit Cosmetics

Watch exclusive footage of Hollywood’s top makeup artists in action on the set of Snow White and the Huntsman! Benefit supplied over 50 makeup artists with enough cosmetics to enhance the beauty…

15 Responses to “Snow White and the Huntsman Behind the Scenes footage with Benefit Cosmetics”

  1. anna lovely says:

    43. days until epic day!!

  2. msceddi chika says:

    beautiful as always and very inspirational indeed. i mean all of theose
    things that her fans said were completely true and that is why we loooooove

  3. itssunshinebaby22 says:

    didnt seem like a behind the scenes artists in action it just seemed like
    an advertisement for the products they used

  4. Jasmine Li says:

    dat was lame

  5. Celina Stamper says:

    They actually used Benefit on the set! :)

  6. Francesca lai says:

    love it ><!

  7. maimayme says:

    yeh i guess benefit sponsored the movie and they get to use the name of
    snow white and the huntsman. Same goes with their special make up realease
    for snow white& the huntsman. looks great on the girls anyway.

  8. Selina Chua says:

    50 makeup artists, but in the information box is written 500! OMG that’s
    more than the cast! lol

  9. jimeniuxxobo says:

    hey do u have the product list??

  10. JaaackJack says:

    This makes me so proud to be a member of the Benefit Cosmetics team. I’m a
    freelance makeup artist but I would love to one day have the opportunity to
    work on a set like this <3

  11. Celina Stamper says:

    No, unfortonately not, but you see some of the products in this movie
    though. Pause it and write it down! I know for sure, they used Benetint! :)

  12. dazzledbystarlight17 says:

    the rare beauty kit (that is advertisd for snow white and the huntsman &
    that was usd on set) comes with Porefessional, Benetint, High Beam, and
    Badgal mascara. you can buy it on their site or at Macy’s (for $45) =D i
    hope this helped!

  13. Caateryna says:

    Hi Ladies! I am hosting a Benefit Giveaway! (International) Come enter to
    win a Legally Bronze Kit :) Channel: Caateryna Good luck!

  14. musicluv86 says:

    Wait, that was Sims Medieval music…. And I’m playing Sims Medieval right
    now… :0

  15. Mad Schroeder says:

    I loved that movie !!!!


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