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Super Bowl Commercial “Queer Beer.” TOM BRADY GAY? SHARE THIS VIEDO if you think this should be a real Super Bowl commercial! (BUSINESS ONLY) 2014 Queer …

25 Responses to “SHOCKING Super Bowl COMMERCIAL 2015 (GAY KISS)”

  1. Jocelyn Calderon says:

    This was definitely shocking.

  2. BriaAndChrissy says:

    SHOCKING Super Bowl Commercial 2015. TOM BRADY GAY?!!! “Queer Beer” is

  3. Kenz Raye says:

    Yes these are always my favorites haha

  4. Aneta S says:

    You guys look so sexy as cheerleaders

  5. Cynthia Hernández says:

    OMG! Yup, it’s a shocking one. 

  6. Arielle Scarcella says:

    this is just…incredible!

  7. Mercèdesse F.Bédard says:

    It’s the first time in 3 super bowl commercials of you guys, that I’m in
    fact in shock…. but in a good way! :P Amazing job, all of you! Love you
    girls!!! ♥

  8. Jonathon Neighbors says:

    I would love to see everyone’s faces if this was actually played during the
    super bowl 

  9. MexRexAngel says:

    This should be played during Super Bowl I would love to the shocked faces
    while us sitting there and laughing xD

  10. Rai Shauna Martin says:

    I would love to this professionally shocked and actually aired during the

  11. Anoush Zarifian says:

    How do u come up with these ideas? Haha the flat ball was the best part

  12. Moose Boniol says:

    I love u Bria and Chrissy you two inspired me to run the Houston marathon
    with my girl friend and yes I’m a girl 

  13. TrentAndLuke says:

    OMG. this is perfection!

  14. Jenna Lf says:

    Awesome video! ADDED STUFF TO YOUR WIKI PAGE :)!
    Basically and hour trying to figure out how to add a friggin infobox with a
    picture + other important stuff :3. If anybody has suggestions of what I
    should add message me :D

  15. wickydkewl says:

    My balls are perfect.

  16. postmaster25 says:

    As a straight male I thought this was hilarious and also props to the well
    timed deflated ball joke. 

  17. SarahSecret66 says:

    The entire time I was just like “IS THAT DAVEY WAVEY” or “OMFG THATS NEIL”

  18. Neil McNeil says:

    I’m going to need a lifetime supply of Queer Beer after this kthanxxx

  19. Pano T says:

    oh. my. christ.

  20. Catwoman or Catman says:

    I must past this one, i am afraid of being become gay! lol

  21. Brian Workman says:

    I’m not saying that I *need* #QueerBeer, but I would *like* some #QueerBeer

  22. Nickalaws says:

    I really want some queer beer 

  23. Rene Hom says:

    Do not bother showing this commercial at all. There are kids that’s
    watching the superbowl. It will be disrespectful if you show this, i will
    be piss. Nothing against gays but this isn’t necessary, i do have nephews
    and a niece who watching the superbowl. 

  24. Aaron Ernst says:

    I don’t know if this is a real commercial but it’s funny as hell.

  25. Sdght says:

    This better not be shown on Sunday 


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