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Seniors Give Gay Advice!

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25 Responses to “Seniors Give Gay Advice!”

  1. Brian North says:

    That was so beautiful. I was tearing up when you asked about the world
    today. I also loved how the video went from black and white to colour the
    more they each shared!

    Will you guys give me a chance? I make vids with the aim of helping people
    or atleast giving a laugh. Would be really stoked if you’d give me a shot! 

  2. wickydkewl says:

    Role models.

  3. Revenge of Bcraig5 says:

    Wow, a Davey Wavey video where he’s not shirtless, being a big gay
    stereotype, and hanging out with porn stars.

  4. Vallace Xo says:

    I’ve never denied my sexuality, and everyone I came out to has been
    amazingly supportive. I cried so much watching this video, though. It
    must’ve been so hard for these people to deal with their sexuality, around
    forty-fifty years ago. I’m so glad people started to open their minds, and
    now even those who didn’t have a great start can have their happy ending.

  5. SatellitePlane says:

    I got a bit baffeled when she said the T didnt even exist. I mean i knew
    but… Its sad. The world is progressing. Lets pick up where these heroes
    left and continue to gain go even further!

  6. KyleDances says:

    THIS. This is the Davey I enjoyed watching nearly 4 years ago. This is the
    Davey I decided to meet at the meet and greet he held in hollywood. I
    haven’t enjoyed the majority of things that he’s posted, but these are the
    kinds of videos I’d love for him to go back to

  7. Lauren Lovely says:

    I just wish people would be more accepting and post more understanding
    things about bisexuals….

  8. Andrew H. says:

    It’s so amazing that I’m probably going to live into the 2090’s… I can’t
    wait to see what happens along the way! :)

  9. Nickalaws says:

    An honorary lesbian #cutie 

  10. Jovanny Ochoa says:

    Aw man this got to me, I needed this for today thanks Davey

  11. Lenore T says:

    This is beautiful, Davey. So encouraging! Thank you!

  12. Anthony DelucV says:

    I hope every person watches this (regardless of gender or orientation) and
    sees how beautiful it is to love unconditionally like this. Davey, this was
    really something

  13. Smile Sam says:

    This video was great and very emotional and inspirational.
    But also hearing these people talk about their lives and were things were
    and how far we’ve come, it makes me curious about the future and the things
    I will be saying and the type of world I will be living in at that age. And
    when I think about that, with confidence in the progress that will be made,
    well it just makes my smile even a little bigger.

  14. Georgia Bence says:

    This is beautiful, and a beautiful idea. Such a wonderful message, and I
    love the subtle black and white to color. ^-^ It also helps remind me that
    being the straight supporter part of GSA DOES make a difference, and that
    we need to keep fighting for HUMAN rights, the right to equal respect, to
    marriage, to being allowed to love who you love. Thank you Davey, and all
    of these wonderful people. I love this <3

  15. Laura Augustaitis says:

    I like how it started black and white and slowly progressed to colors

  16. Iona McCallum says:

    More videos like this, please! 

  17. avril14thlove says:

    This was beautiful, Davey. And also thoroughly heartbreaking. I’m so glad
    that the world has experienced profound and much-needed change in regards
    to allowing to experience love FULLY and WITHOUT BOUNDARIES. 

  18. Manuel Rivera says:

    +wickydkewl Davey, you never seise to amaze me and make me smile. This
    video made me cry when you asked them how different it is today versus when
    they came out. Such raw joyous emotions. Often, as younger gays, we forget
    to recognize or become to preoccupied with other things to think about
    older generations of our LGBT community and the real struggle they endured.
    I came out when I was 18, I’ll be 36 this year…I’ve been out for half my
    life now. I remember thinking even then that gay marriage or equal rights
    were not going to be possible in my lifetime. Less than two decades later
    and the majority of the country has marriage equality. And although the
    journey is not over, I am so happy that YouTubers, people, like you produce
    videos like this for everyone to see. Thank you.

  19. guntersg says:

    Davey.. I hope you read this. As an older (with a super young heart – not
    in a weird way) gay man this was such a refreshing change. Don’t get me
    wrong, your pecs are awesome, but in the bigger scheme of things, this was
    so much more meaningful. You’ve made some wonderful, inspirational videos
    in the past and that’s what made me subscribe to your channel. You’re a
    beautiful man and that should be celebrated but in the long haul you have
    the gift of making peoples’ lives happier, less fearful, and confident to
    just be their true selves. Rock on :)

  20. Michael Anthony Butler says:

    Thanks for making me cry at 7:30 in the morning. Beautiful, inspiring

  21. JCRich001 says:

    This was an amazing video! I feel that too many times we as a community
    often forget to consider our elders and those who came before us. Not that
    we aren’t appreciative, just that we undervalue them often times. It was
    great to hear their stories and advice. I will be taking their words as
    motivation to keep moving forward and fighting for rights for everyone in
    the queer community.

  22. rhStormy - Fifa Ultimate Teamist says:

    The guy who’s name we didn’t get (with the beard) is hilarious.

  23. Pano T says:

    “i’m gay… very gay.”
    hahaha i love it

  24. Danny Vale says:

    Seniors Give Gay Advice!: “Our queerness…
    It’s a gift” 

  25. Art Stricklen says:

    I really appreciated seeing this video. I often think about how lucky the
    young people are today. Also, I think that they don’t really realize how
    lucky they are. I spend my 20s in the 1980’s decade. Those of us who lived
    through that time saw the AIDS scare turn the whole world against us. It
    was ok to make nasty jokes about gays and AIDS. People were fired from
    their jobs if people found out they were gay. Others were denied housing.
    And all the while we were losing friends and lovers to AIDS. Thank God that
    the young people today don’t have to worry about getting beat up just for
    walking down the street. All of us over 50 are very happy, but at the same
    time, a little surprised to see the progress that has been made in the last
    30 yrs. It’s great to just be yourself without fear of retaliation. Enjoy
    it and BE PROUD.


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