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Sen. Tom Cotton: They hang you in Iran for being gay

Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton told CNN’s Wolf Blitzer that Americans should “have a sense of perspective” about the religious freedom bill.

25 Responses to “Sen. Tom Cotton: They hang you in Iran for being gay”

  1. Patrick Bednark says:

    Personally, I am in Favor of bringing back the Practice of Feeding
    Christians to Wild Animals!!

  2. dragunov14 says:

    Subways is healthy compared to mcdonalds

  3. navtel says:

    always got to bring up Iran, how about Saudi Arabia? this gay agenda the
    governments are pushing is normalizing this practise.. is it because many
    of them are gay? or practise gay sex?

  4. sydandtaytum says:

    may bears maul you bigots.

  5. Augs V says:

    In Guantanamo prison you get tortured before you get a trial.

  6. ThePantherVision says:

    Why should Americans be concerned about what Iranians do to their gay
    population? You most likely won’t change Iran, but you do have a fighting
    chance at changing discrimination laws domestically. This guest is an

  7. Okemicco says:

    What’s wrong with hanging sodomites? They are highly diseased and lead to
    low birth rates.

  8. nelson 100 says:

    This guy should be in prison for being a traitor

  9. Sam Mahalati says:

    Tom Cotton you idiot!

  10. olga kissinger says:

    So this is what they in Iran….what do they do in Saudi Arabia? Yet we do
    buy oil from them. Anybody who creams about the gay Rights in other
    countries and fills in the gas at your local gas station is a total

  11. Farhad Mohammadi says:

    Did this dude lived in Iran even for a day?? He just good for talking
    rubbish, attention seeker. 

  12. Richard Taylor says:

    We are allies with Saudi Arabia….. They run their country by Sharia
    Law…. I don’t see your outrage about that you fucking hypocrite. 

  13. nigelbulls23 says:

    Gays and Lesbians are bigoted and hateful of normal people who don’t
    believe in their abnormal lifestyle. People should be forced to accept an
    abnormal lifestyle. Gays and lesbians don’t deserve the same rights as
    married couples. Gays and lesbians cannot have children. A man and a women
    reserve the sole right to be married and called a family. Its time for
    Americans to stand to gay and lesbian special interest groups. Gays and
    lesbians can live their lifestyle however they want but stay out of the
    lives of married couples and families.

  14. Jako32 says:

    Fck I dunno whats fuglier, this rednecks goofy grill/ face or the sh*t
    coming out of his spout (toothless mouth)?. He truly looks like a human

  15. Amirali Sharifi says:

    They hang criminal like drug dealers and killers ,Eh ,Fear propaganda with
    slave of Israelis or Saudis again.

  16. Michael A says:

    People like Cotton tend to forget that in Iran they would most likely hang
    the right-wing American Christian Republican before they would hang the

  17. honey H says:

    lmaoooooooooo and he found a way to bring it back to Iran. NOT EVEN 35
    seconds smh.

  18. Shannon Page says:

    Hope Iran doesn’t get their hands on implanting children like America has
    and force them to be gay without them knowing it.

  19. mathew idicula says:

    We have a Republican Party which has cast off a large segment of the
    population ( not just gays) by saying it could be worse, while racing to
    the right over who could be the most inhospitable to our citizens at the
    expense of Israel, and citizen Koch brothers and the religious right. Who
    are more and more everyday embodying the warning of Sinclair when he wrote
    about fascism coming to America in the guise of a flag wrapped the cross.

  20. Eric van Bezooijen says:

    Let’s follow Tom Cotton’s logic for a moment. In Iran they hang you for
    being gay. In Saudi Arabia you can’t build a Christian Church, or hand out
    bibles, or proselytize on a street corner. Asking Christians in our country
    to just treat LGBT customers at their businesses as human beings seems like
    a small imposition.

  21. Theatres Des Rose says:

    I’m so happy I’m getting out of this brainwashed, unoriginal, “Hyuk Hyuk”
    ass state. Bye, Arkansas.

  22. tom ramzi says:

    TOM COTTON ;WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Geraldine Lancaster says:

    “What do you think about the religious freedom bill”

    “Well in Iran they hang gays”

    Ok bud, way to answer the question.

  24. Cognitive Dissonance says:

    More smokescreens for the stupid people to hid behind. It doesn’t matter
    what other nations, it matters to us what the US does. Second, if the
    pig-bible was the law of the land instead of the Constitution, we can all
    be guaranteed that the Jesus freaks would murder gays and everybody else
    who doesn’t fit into the sad little fairy tale. Like the good, Christian
    lawyer in Huntington Beach who is putting together a ballot measure to,
    “shoot gays in the head” for being gay and if a gay person touches a
    non-gay (assuming a non-gay person who doesn’t have a gun, since they’d be
    allowed to legally shoot them), the gay person is fined $1million. That’s
    Christianity hard at work. It’s the religion of hatred, bigotry, murder,
    and torture. Christian/Muslim, I don’t see the difference. If we let our
    religious nut-jobs run loose in this country, the Christian freaks would
    behave as badly as the Muslims do in other countries who don’t have
    frameworks like out Constitution.

    And, this religious freedom bill has NOTHING to do with religious freedom.
    If it did, it would have been enacted decades or even centuries ago as
    American culture began infringing on religious sensibilities. It’s the
    pathetic little Jesus-freaks are losing the battle against marriage
    equality and are making a last, ditch effort to keep their prejudices
    legal. It’s Jim Crow all over again.

    This will come out, though, when businesses service some who violate their
    religion and deny others. If a business doesn’t refuse service for
    religious reasons for EVERYONE who violates their little fairy tale
    hate-book then the intent of the law is to clearly discriminate. Based on
    their hate book, business will HAVE to refuse service to: people with
    tattoos (who have them and who draw them), people who have divorced for
    reasons other than adultery, people with rounded haircuts (and the barbers
    who give them), people who eat shellfish, people who eat pork. So, if a
    business denies service to a gay couple because they filthy, hateful
    pig-god says so, but don’t refuse service to people with tattoos, then
    their being discriminatory. But Christians are so stupid and self-delusory
    that they’ll figure out a way to justify taking the words of their pig-god
    that work and leaving the rest. That’s what religion is, scared little
    people to afraid to think for themselves that need an invisible friend to
    love them and who tells them what to do. I don’t see a difference between
    god and jesus telling people to hate gays and the recent Slenderman
    incident where kids tried to kill their friend because a fictional
    character told them to.

    Émile Zola — ‘Civilization will not attain to its perfection until the last
    stone from the last church falls on the last priest.’

  25. phillip4644 says:

    He seems like a good a decent man. However he looks like and has the
    mannerisms of Anthony Perkins in the 1960 Hitchcock movie “PYCHO” I


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