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Seeking seniors: Input wanted for health and wellness strategy

The Department of Health and Wellness is looking for Island seniors, near seniors and caregivers to share their experience and knowledge to develop a health and wellness strategy.

The goal for the seniors health and wellness strategy is to identify short-term (three to five years) and long-term (five to 10 years) plans to help government and non-governmental organizations develop services for Island seniors.

Government seeking council

Government asks that applicants be a senior, near senior, or caregiver to a senior, as well as a resident of P.E.I. and willing to participate in meetings once or twice a month from Sept. through Dec. 2017.

To volunteer, Islanders can apply throughout the month of August at any Access P.E.I. or online

Olive Bryanton is one of the Island seniors helping the province craft a strategy for meeting the health needs of P.E.I.’s older population.

“Inviting seniors and near seniors to participate in the development of this health and wellness strategy recognizes and builds upon their experience and capabilities,” she said.

To be completed 2018 

The group also includes working professionals such as Island health care workers, health administrators, researchers, policy makers and physicians.

The strategy is expected to be completed in the spring of 2018.

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