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Santa Clarita Seniors Get Help From Home Care Services – Get Better With Dr. Polucki

As more Baby Boomers reach their 65th birthdays, our senior population grows and faces complex challenges along with their families, and Santa Clarita seniors have an underused resource to assist them and their loved ones in addressing those challenges in Rick Ferrante.

By Dr. Thomas Polucki

He frequently speaks with me about some of these issues and how to solve them. I ran into him this weekend and immediately invited him to guest on my KHTS radio program, “Get Better with Dr. Polucki.”

Ferrante is the owner of Home Care Services, an in-home care agency here in Santa Clarita. He also acts as the chair of the annual Santa Clarita Valley Walk to End Alzheimer’s.

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Furthermore, Ferrante serves as a member of the Board of The Providence Holy Cross Hospital Foundation.

These positions provide Rick with a unique understanding of the challenges our growing senior population faces.

They include mobility, cognitive issues, companionship, depression, isolation, transportation, medical care and medications.

In general, quality of life issues that most younger people take for granted can become real issues for our seniors.

For instance, a senior could benefit from a little help with something as simple as a ride to the store or as major as memory care for Alzheimer’s.

“There are answers out there which allow us as a community to benefit from the valuable experience our seniors provide while assisting them and their families in dealing with those various challenges,” Ferrante said.

To find out more about Home Care Services available for Santa Clarita seniors, click here.

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