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RWW News: Pat Robertson Urges Parents Not To Attend Their Gay Child’s Wedding Right Wing Watch reports on the extreme rhetoric and activities of key right-wing figures…

24 Responses to “RWW News: Pat Robertson Urges Parents Not To Attend Their Gay Child’s Wedding”

  1. zed1207 says:

    Fuck your child’s most important day, your imaginary friend has taken time
    out from governing the entire universe to say he doesn’t approve of what
    your child does with his or her genitals.

  2. Kurt Smith says:

    So he’s against unconditional love 

  3. blairtim1969 says:

    Christians are such heartless people.

    Refusing to be a part of your child’s life during one of the most important
    days of their life is sad and pathetic.

  4. AdamTh1 says:

    Hey old man….. Fuck Off.

  5. Turtle Herder says:

    It can be diffuicult to spew bigotry right after a hot pastrami sandwich,
    huh Pat?

  6. donald sanders says:

    Good idea,treat them like the perverts they are.

  7. Bolgernow says:

    He hates love. How expected. I don’t hate Pat, that would imply he matters.
    He’s a sad tiny dying nothing

  8. WellConditioned says:

    I cannot ever imagine not being in my child’s presence on ANY important day
    in his life. To even ask such a question reveals what heartless pieces of
    shit those parents are.

  9. Armando7654 says:

    What if your “child” turned out to be a serial murderer? Should you NOT
    disavow him as your very own like any good person does! 

  10. Alan W says:

    Pat is consistent being a bigoted old fuck. 

  11. thebatmanover9000 says:

    Why do people give a fuck about this guys opinion?

  12. Thomas Paine says:

    How about non-virgins? Bible says that women should be virgins when they
    get married (Deuteronomy 22:13-21). 

  13. Roo Mc says:

    Then your gay child will remember all of that when it is his or her turn to
    take care of you in your final years and chooses to put you in a home to
    die alone.

  14. Joshua Ciresoli says:

    Fucking ASSHOLE! I would never abandon my family! Robertson is a POS
    hateful, evil bigot who would let a man he perceives as a homosexual die
    before performing mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

  15. Packard Sonic says:

    Just like your bible teaches. Hate and bigotry. Do the world a favor Pat
    and take your dirt nap soon. When you die, I WILL attend your funeral
    because I agree with it. Then I will piss on your grave. 

  16. T Razz says:

    How can it be “against the Lord’s plan”? If it happens it is the Lord’s
    perfect plan accordingly to Christian theology because all things are
    according to his plan. If you don’t support it you’re either going against
    the perfect plan or you’re with a religious homophobic bigot who can’t show
    love for their child. Which one is it. 

  17. John John says:

    If your child wanted to murder or rape someone, and they asked for your
    “blessing” would you give it to them? If you said “no I don’t approve of
    that” does that mean you “don’t love them”? This is the same situation.
    Just because you love your children does NOT mean you have to condone it
    when they do WRONG THINGS. Grow up gay people. You are suffering from a

  18. anakinfan12002 says:

    Poor Pat. Still stuck in the Stone Age. You should be there for your child
    no matter what. You can attend your child’s gay wedding, even if you don’t
    agree with it. Hell even close your eyes at the end but at least be there!

  19. H Pennypacker says:

    Really, Pat? Youre advising a PARENT to turn their back on their CHILD
    simply over a personal disagreement? What a heartless and ignorant piece of
    advice, not unlike the rest you offer! 

  20. thefuzzy furnace says:

    How fucking heartless putting a jealous/doom god before your child

  21. J.M. Martinson says:

    The only people who are sad and damaged here are the parents. What lost,
    heartless beings they are.

  22. Char99 says:

    Anti-family Pat Robertson strikes again.

  23. can't remedy this says:

    Stop downvoting RWW’s videos. “Right Wing Watch reports on the extreme
    rhetoric and activities of key right-wing figures and organizations.” This
    channel isn’t endorsing Pat’s views.

  24. Adam Burns says:

    They act as if choosing wether or not going to your own child’s wedding is
    a difficult decision. It would be an abomination if they didn’t go.


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