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Rudy Gay Full Highlights at Knicks (2015.03.03) – 25 Pts, 7 Reb in 3 Qtrs

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12 Responses to “Rudy Gay Full Highlights at Knicks (2015.03.03) – 25 Pts, 7 Reb in 3 Qtrs”

  1. Patriot Glo says:

    Rudy GAY is the best Could have been superstar ever

  2. YG Trece says:

    GD nobody likes this nigga so stop wasting my time by posting shitty ass
    highlights of shitty ass players

  3. Knick 4Lyfe says:

    Finally a right situation for him.
    Torched us all day

  4. Zak Marcin says:

    Also 7 rebounds, 4 assists. Wish he would have played the 4th.

  5. Amani Marshall says:

    Mirotic highlights PLZ (23 and 8)

  6. young chris says:

    Cousins knocking down 3s he go down as dominant center I been saying this
    since Kentucky days 

  7. godjoakim noah says:

    Mirotic and pau highlights and noah PLZ 

  8. young chris says:

    53 to 27 in 4rth what type of 2k with all the sliders up bullshit is this ?
    Lmao #prayforknicks

  9. Devon Hutton says:

    Rudy Goat making things happen as usual. 

  10. GodMelo Anthony says:

    Hope Kings are a playoff team next yr … got some good talent in Rudy &
    Boogie #StayMeloMyFriends

  11. Anthony Jackson says:

    Rudy has always had all star level talent 

  12. Barry F says:

    Best dunkers ever
    1.Kwame Brown
    2.Ricky Rubio
    3.Domonique Wilkins
    4.Michael Jordan
    5.Vince Carter 


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