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Roswell Nursing and Rehabilitation Center new administrator aims to increase community involvement and dispel stigma

Under the leadership of new Administrator Chris Loga, Roswell Nursing and Rehabilitation is working to disprove preconceived notions attached to a “nursing facility.”

Loga expressed that “nursing homes sometimes don’t get a good wrap.”

“We take care of a lot of people really well, we take care of a lot of sick people really well,” he said.

Loga openly admits “there are some issues that happen,” but the center is focused on always maintaining best practices and high quality care.

Roswell Nursing and Rehabilitation offers physical, occupational and speech therapy in both short and long term options.

Its focus, “trying to dispel that misconception and stigma,” also an industry-wide aspiration.

“Cypress Skilled Nursing’s vision for this building is much like the one we want to create in all senior health care. We want to give quality care, be the provider of choice for Roswell and for people to notice we have made strides,” said Loga, who is also striving to “rebuild confidence in the Roswell area.”

He has been in the position of Administrator for approximately two months, is aware it will take time, but he and his staff are “willing to take that time and show people results.”

“We have the visits, but sometimes people don’t see that, they just drive by and say ‘that’s the nursing home.’” Loga encourages people to come inside, see the home and its happening.

He has worked in facets of senior care for 20 years. His professional experience began in memory care for seniors, but is rooted in his upbringing. He was raised by his grandparents, who have influenced him and his experiences.

Loga expressed that “our seniors are the people we should be taking care of the most.”

“This isn’t a place where people are just dropped off, it’s where they live,” he said.

“We want those people who love working with seniors and the ‘Greatest Generation.’ Nursing care is having the same issues that hospitals are having. We want to make this place alive and energetic. People may be sick, but our job is to help them forget about that for a little while,” said Loga.

Roswell Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is aiming to do just that, with an Easter egg hunt in March, which will have a cook-out, face painters and balloon animals for children.

“We love animals, children, service and giving back to the community,” said Loga.

He estimates that the center has a treatment ratio of 60 percent long-term care and 40 percent short term care.

One of his staff’s goals is “to get to know each resident on an individual basis.”

He recalls stories from one resident, who served as a paratrooper in WWII and regaled his experiences of being “behind enemy lines in France,” an experience Loga describes as “better than a movie.”

“We have many stories like that, which is what we want to show people. Our residents are not laying in bed all the time, they are not just sick people, they have stories, lives and passions,” said Loga.

The center supports active lifestyles which include ongoing programming,; morning, noon, night and even weekends.

“We try to fulfill their whole bodies, not just ailments and try to make them better as a person, in the whole sense,” said Loga.

Residents at the center can participate in activities including, but not limited to; Miss Georgia Nursing Home Beauty Pageant, going to Braves games, on fishing trips and taking quilting classes.

Treatment and care is “based on what the individual wants, they are more than just a number,” according to Loga.

Roswell Rehab and Nursing is not a “one-size-fits all” program.

The center is equipped with internet connectivity and is working to improve technology for communication and interaction.

How to stay connected to family on daily basis to have that human contact that could make that difference.

As the saying goes, “people need other people,” no matter what.

“Our goal is keeping people as healthy as possible, sending them home to live the highest level of functionality that they are capable of,” said Loga.

Roswell Rehab and Nursing is at 1109 Green Street.

More information is available at

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