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RICO Assessor says senior citizens missed application deadline

ROCK ISLAND, Illinois – Eleanor Roets has lived in Rock Island for 100 years — her entire life. She’s lived in Friendship Manor for almost two decades. 

But on Thursday, she left Friendship Manor. Her son Terry said that’s something she usually only does for church. 

“She was quite concerned. She was concerned about having to go on the bus,” Terry said. “I said, ‘Well, mom Friendship Manor has always taken care of you. You know they’ll do what’s right.'”

Terry lives more than 300 miles away. He was concerned when he found out his mother would have to travel through the snow to apply for a tax break in person. When Eleanor was told it was too late, he got mad. 

“I think it’s wrong,” Terry said. “I think it’s taking advantage of older people.” 

He’s not the only one. Several people have left upset comments on Local 4’s Facebook posts about the story. 

Steve Woodward said, “Shameful. A sad day for residents at Friendship Manor.”

Samantha Power wrote, “Why doesn’t a representative come to them? Heartless.”

A spokesperson for Friendship Manor said they suggested that to Chief County Assessor Larry Wilson, but he said the seniors had to apply in person.

“I don’t know if the guy must not have parents or if he doesn’t love his parents or what it is, but why you would put somebody through that — to basically punish him,” Terry said. “That’s basically what he’s doing. By the way he’s handling this, he could care less.”

Roets said he called the Assessor’s Office looking for answers, but didn’t get any. 

The same happened to Friendship Manor Thursday when they tried to ask when the actual deadline for 2017 was. 

“There’s a skunk some place and I hope it comes out,” Terry said. 

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