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Rich Potato – Handle It

Cousin Dave wants to teach you how to step up your potato game with this next-level Monte Carlo! LIKE/FAVORITE and SHARE for new recipes every week! Need tools to cook with? Order the cooking.

25 Responses to “Rich Potato – Handle It”

  1. Crazy4Tediz says:

    time to try lobster for the first time!

  2. Epic Meal Time says:
  3. SPCBRAWLERZ says:

    For some reason, I laughter every
    time the crow made its sound!!

  4. Juan Deag says:

    why dont they have any kitchen cabinets? i dont see any..

  5. Creative Gaming says:

    find the different emoji

  6. Britney Ruotolo says:

    Does Epic Meal Time make Epic Meals anymore??

  7. Tommy Pires says:

    dear epic meal time crew i challenge you a challenge: please make and eat
    something with at least three vegetables. its a challenge right? like if
    you want this to happen

  8. The Unknown says:

    Like if you think the host is a boy

  9. SkellyChippy says:

    What ever happened to muscles glasses?

  10. MrHairyBrit - Funny News & Ranty Vlogs says:

    This looks amazing!

    I’ve never had lobster, what is it like?

  11. Jamie Broom says:

    I bet 99% of the people that watch these vids don’t even make the recipe

  12. Сергей Лукьяненко says:

    крошка картошка блин

  13. Nick Fury says:

    why americans don’t peel the potato skin?

  14. bignoknow says:

    So funny and so well done. 

  15. YoungBrave2006 says:

    You shoulda gone into more detail in how to get the lobster meat out of the
    shell. That’s what most people that have never fucked with lobster are
    gonna have trouble with, and apparently what you had trouble with too,
    because you’re supposed to take the green shit out.

  16. MrOnlyforcommenting says:

    this recipe existed long time ago . what i can suggest more is putting crab
    meat too .

    and spread some grated cheese when you baked it . prefection.

  17. Potato says:

    Thats my DAD !!!!!!!

  18. Adil Musthafa says:

    Bring back the fat dude…unsubscribed

  19. Matt Michalak says:

    Pro tip: if you’re going to bake potatoes in the oven, you don’t have to
    poke holes in them. Do that if you wanna cook them in the microwave.

  20. Sam Eltringham says:

    Way to be a pussy with that bacon… Epic meal time my ass…

  21. bohnstube says:

    Did mild-mannered Cousin Dave just set the record for *BOTH!* the most
    mentions of *MURDER!!!*, and have the most *QUACKS!* in a single Handle It
    episode? Good *QUACK!* in’ show!!! :-D

  22. SkittersTractorfist says:

    Fucked up the awesomeness of potatoes with disgusting-ass lobsters.

  23. Señor Tomas says:

    Ok gotta admit. That looks dank as fuck. Now i’m starving for some taters.

  24. IvyatHeart says:

    I’m not a fan of the green onions either Dave. But as you say, you can’t
    seem to have a baked potato without them…:(

  25. Max Alex Berndt says:

    You have o really get in there when you’re working with your meat and
    cream, right? Then you put that thick hunk into it’s vessel. 


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