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Residents urge commissioners to boost senior center funding

A half-dozen residents encouraged Sedgwick County commissioners to boost small-town centers that serve elderly people.

They asked the county to provide more money to senior centers in Haysville, Bel Aire, Clearwater and Mulvane.

“Seniors are our most valuable asset in any community,” said Mulvane Senior Center director Jeri Myers. “They are the backbone of our community. You can’t have a future without a past.”

“Keeping seniors in their homes to remain independent is my main goal,” she added. “With the extra funds, I can make that happen.”

The county’s aging division would receive $10.2 million under the recommended budget being considered by Sedgwick County commissioners. About $3.8 million would go to community-based services that allow seniors to stay in their homes, like senior centers, nutritional programs, Meals on Wheels and adult day care, said Tim Kaufman, assistant county manager for public services.

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