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Religious Hate Mail. I’M GAY!?

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24 Responses to “Religious Hate Mail. I’M GAY!?”

  1. Presidentbutterpudding says:

    Second comment, 8th view and second like.

  2. TheGudZeBadAnDaFozzy says:

    You know Dan, you will get some of us (your legit fans) posting fake hate
    just in order to get on to this list haha. Just sayin… fag.

  3. MrRepzion says:
  4. Kearesu says:

    Not saying I dislike these videos, but didn’t you say that you wanted to
    make your channel more positive?

  5. Senpai says:

    Christians = most butthurt people on Earth.

  6. NewZero Games says:

    “Your videos against Christianity is proof that there is a God”

    I hate unicorns.

    Now unicorns exist.

  7. I quit D: says:

    But.. But.. Its monday

  8. Lord Gaben says:

    So hating something makes it exist? Then… I would LOVE to make Half Life

  9. malus viovode says:

    I was born in a supernova at temperatures roughly one hundred sixty-two
    billion (162,000,000,000) Fahrenheit at the beginning of the big bang.
    I’m pretty sure however hot your imaginary hell is, it will be a breeze

  10. Kevin Walsh says:

    why cant people say stuff, like: I believe in god, but if you dont thats
    ok, or i dont believe in God, but i don’t find you stupid if you do.
    Why cant people just accept people will have different viewpoints.
    Also, stop saying a muslims are terrorist, many terroist are muslim, but
    that does not mean all muslims agree with them. Some do, but not all
    Gay people are not terrible people, just because they dont like the
    oppostie gender does not mean they are horrible. Who are we to tell you who
    you can and cant love?
    Everyday, I lose faith in humanity becasue so many people are stupid, and
    dont like people that are different.

    look, I believe abortion is murder, but I respect others oponions.
    I believe in god, but if you dont, my veiw of you does not change.
    You are a gay guy, thats kool, i have no problem with that.
    You are Black, i dont care.

  11. supimdanii says:

    “racist against religious people”. l m a o people are so stupid.

  12. colt grisham says:

    Can you adress the topic of Christianity’s “physical” proof. My mother and
    sister are Christians and my sister is constantly trying to convert me
    claiming there is thousands of physical things in history if I opened my
    eyes but from what I have found the only thing I can find is the earth use
    to have more water on it and there’s a boat outline on a hill. I know you
    ounce wrote a paper on proof of God so I’m wondering if you can adress
    these events and tell me any more as I’m atheist but open to proof.
    Sincerely a fan

  13. BeautyGlam78 says:

    I just believe there was a regular guy name Jesus and he was a really good
    doctor who people believed was some magical God because he tricked them
    into thinking that. 

  14. Navnik BHSilver says:

    Daniel, to be honest, a lot of preferences you have, your appearance and
    your way of talking and self-expression, are things that fall very well in
    line with certain (stereotypical) concepts, such as homosexuality and
    fetishes. I really don’t give a shit myself as I have plenty myself, just
    saying, you do give off that impression yourself.

    Most noteworthy:
    – cosplaying
    – no facial hair (in fact, exceptionally smooth looking skin in general)
    – free expression of emotions
    – free expression of sexuality
    – great use of euphemisms

    Most people who see that list, picture either a gay person, or a fangirl.

  15. Don't crush my individuality says:

    Hey MrRepzion,
    I’ve been a fan of your videos for a little while now, and of course,
    thanks for another great video. But there’s something I wanted to ask you
    and I’d be happy if you could respond by any chance.

    You see, I’m a 14 year old Muslim girl who’s raised in a very conservative
    family. Up until about a year ago, I’ve grown to be that perfect Muslim
    little girl who doesn’t think twice before doing something “In the name of

    Recently, I’ve learned to question why I do things and, well, religion in
    general. I admit to have shamelessly hate on gays or anyone outside of my
    religion, and have stayed completely oblivious to gender inequality. But
    now, I started to reflect on it and after months of questioning, I’ve
    (suprise, suprise!) turned out to be a bisexual atheist and feminist. When
    it came to sexuality, I always knew I was the black sheep in my family, but
    after observing my sometimes long looks at girls and the way I felt around
    them, I decided to embrace my true self and just let it happen.

    Well, thing is, my parents know nothing about this side of me. There were
    several times where I dropped a few hints, expecting their opinon on things
    like homosexuality and gender equality, but every time they were sure to
    let me down. My parents actually once flat out told me that since I’m a
    girl, I shouldn’t learn to drive, or ever travel alone. Obviously, my
    parents have hurt me so much and I understand that they’re not in fact
    doing the best for me. But in truth, I love them. They raised me and cared
    for me, and I don’t see them as “monsters” exactly. Just ignorant and
    closed-minded people.

    I’ve been thinking about my future with them and I’m planning on leaving
    them once I reach 18. The thing is, I’m not exactly sure if I should. Can
    you give me advice? What have you done with your parents around this
    situation? Are you currently living a happy and normal relationship with

  16. Nyko Gaming says:

    Ok since i know there are SOME (emphasis on some ok ive had hate go down
    because people in general didnt read the some there) who hate gays and/or
    lesbians. What if that person also liked the same sex? Would you still hate
    them? Its just a curiosity since im a bisexual myself and i wanted to know
    what would people do.

  17. PewPewPuffin says:

    When I hear people say stuff agianst all people in a religion I get kinda
    confused. I’m from a Muslim/Christian/budhist/atheist family (I’m a
    atheist) and when I hear stuff like all Muslims amuse their wives and stuff
    like that I get kinda confused considering that where my dad is from (who
    is Muslim) the husband is supposed to give the wives family presents and
    money to make up for what Muslims USED to do to their wives.

  18. TheSwedishViking says:

    So heaven is filled with people like this? No thanks *books ticket to hell*

  19. Nathan of the Drakes says:

    God’s gonna cum right on your back one day Daniel. And if you don’t rub
    that heavenly cum all over your back he’s gonna send yous to the HELLS!

  20. Zerklass says:

    r u gay mrrepzion? i no that u hav a girl freind but r u gay?

  21. Packard Sonic says:

    Ok, having been accused of this myself growing up I kinda have an idea
    (Best guess) as to why they may think that. They think if you are not super
    muscular, I.E. strong features like that of someone from a muscle beach or
    not dating a lot of women for what ever reason then they conclude that you
    are “gay”. It doesn’t make a lot of sense in my opinion. 

  22. BionicDance says:

    See, when someone says that they’re “done with religion” on their channel
    because they feel they’ve “said everything there is to say”, it makes me
    wonder what their motivation was to talk about it in the first place.

    I mean, I cover religion on my channel because I see the harm it causes,
    the rights it strips from others, the people it *kills* …and I feel the
    need to do something about it.
    Have I said “everything” already…? In a general sense, perhaps. But there
    is stil la fight to be fought, a cause to champion…people to protect. And
    that’s why I haven’t stopped.

    So when someone says they’ve “said everything” and so they’re done talking
    about religion…why did you start? If *they* aren’t going to stop pushing
    their side, why should we stop?

  23. GuruGames says:

    Hey MrRepzion I came across your channel today and I would like to see that
    you got my sub! You are a great YouTuber and I hope you keep doing what you
    do for a long time :)

  24. Cayse Rogers says:

    One question if someone couldy so kindly answer.

    Why do I see the Audible things with all the Atheist Youtubers?


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