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Religious Freedom Means No Pizza For Gay Weddings

“A self-described Christian businessman won’t cater same-sex ceremonies—not that he has a problem with gays, he says. A Walkerton, Indiana, pizza shop is the state’s first business to…

25 Responses to “Religious Freedom Means No Pizza For Gay Weddings”

  1. arizonatsunami says:

    Why the hell would you say that aloud, even if you think that?! These
    people are so stupid! They just killed their business!

  2. blade9z says:

    Something tells me that their business is going to be on decline, not as a
    revenge but for the principle of equality.

  3. TheQuietAtheist says:

    Religious idiots running all over the place.

  4. MrWhataboss23 says:

    Pizza at Gay Weddings is cray cray good.

  5. DDD says:

    What self-respecting gay couple would have Pizza at a wedding anyways?

  6. TheEmanExperience says:

    a christian not knowing what the bible actually says… nothing new about

  7. Tommy Latham says:

    I hope there’s a smart owner of a pizza place that advertises how they’ll
    serve gays and take advantage of all of the free publicity.

  8. T3hL4wnm0w3rM4n says:

    That pizza place is pathetic. Just because they don’t like salami in their
    crust, that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t serve their shitty pizza to people
    who want salami and cheese deep inside their crust. So deep that it goes
    meat balls deep. I’m hungry now.

  9. Michael Black says:

    Why do gay couples want homophobes to provide them with wedding cakes or
    pizza? Why do they want to give them money? Why don’t they say “fuck you”
    and go and take their business elsewhere, to someone who isn’t a bigot?

  10. EndlessVacuum says:

    Why exactly would you even want someone catering or photographing your
    wedding if they don’t want to? They so don’t want to do business with you
    that they’re willing to forgo taking money from you in exchange for their
    particular expertise, even if you do force them to provide service to you,
    they’ll probably just do a sub-par job of it out of sheer pettiness at
    being forced to do something against their will.

    There are plenty of businesses out there that don’t care about your sexual
    preference, go give them money and let the market slowly starve the bigoted
    businesses to death. I don’t see how or why the law would even deal with

  11. DennisJ (The Last Methbender) says:

    It amuses me that people think gays just up in one day decide to become gay
    for no reason. Like in Africa some African dude is sitting around like.
    “Hmmm I feel like being gay now, even tho it will get me thrown in jail or
    even killed”

    The kids in the south are all like “Damn I just don’t feel like girls do it
    for me anymore. Better become gay and have people call me fag and beat me

    Here let me go on porn hub and force my dick to like something for no
    reason what so ever.

    Oh man I want to play in the NFL and also become gay. I love having people
    call me faggot and disgusting on twitter.

  12. EffectiveKill says:

    Who the hell caters pizza for a wedding?

  13. Chaoitcme says:

    The business owner states that he chooses to be heterosexual, which implies
    that he is bisexual and that he is repressing his homosexual urges.

  14. BatmansButt Butler says:

    I swear I don’t get this. Why in the hell you would refuse to make money
    from your business? The whole point to get in business is to make money for
    you to provide for your life and others around you. Your beliefs shouldn’t
    get in the way because now when you ain’t making the money the banks ain’t
    going to give a shit and take your business away. 

  15. yoyo168utube says:

    Typical hoosier wedding planning:
    bro: hey sis, should we make our wedding fancy.
    sis: yes, I like fancy.
    bro: ok, pizza it is then.

    also, guns, nascar and monster trucks for entertainment is the dream
    hoosier wedding.

  16. Nova King says:

    Wow, they are SO weak. Talk about a victim complex.

  17. digiprez77 says:

    My wife works for a large beauty school so we know a lot of gay dudes…
    To my knowledge, none of them chose to be gay. That doesn’t mean they
    don’t enjoy it, either. They are who they are, and have always been.
    There is no confusion. The bigots are the ones who are confused. It
    makes me sick that these laws are being passed. Gay people deserve equal
    rights, plain and simple. I will not spend another dime in Indiana until
    this hideous law is repealed. Not in any state with laws like this. Is
    this the United States, or are we in Russia?

  18. Kevin Lam says:

    They should form a new religion in Indiana where everyone is gay and hate
    straight people because heterosexuality goes against their religion. People
    from that religion should open up restaurants and refuse to serve straight
    couples any food because it goes against their religious belief. Let’s see
    how they like it when it’s on the other way around…..

    All jokes aside and in all seriousness, this act is just stupid! I can’t
    believe that this actually exists. And everyone in United States wonders
    why the world views them like they’re the stupidest people on the planet…

  19. ChevaliersEmeraude says:

    He ”chose” to be heterosexual? Did he actually said that? Any
    heterosexual would know that heterosexuality is not a choice: I didn’t
    wondered one day ”am I attracted to men or women”. I was just attracted
    to women from the very beginning.

    If he think it’s a choice, that means he one day made the conscious choice,
    meaning, well, he was attracted to guys as well. So he’s either bi, or even
    fully gay but repressing it. Which, you know, nothing wrong with it
    obviously, but seeing as he hates gay, that he actually admitted to be at
    least bi is kinda ironic!

  20. Najja Mallace says:

    Hey religious people stop being little bitches and do as your “good book”
    says and stone them. Isn’t that what you’re commanded to do by your lord?
    Stop trying to use your religion to hide the fact that you’re a hateful,
    ignorant, unintelligent sack of shit.

  21. Frank Dailey says:

    Wait who the fuck buys pizza for a wedding?
    (Banjo music starts playing)
    Oh right rednecks.

  22. WikeddTung says:

    Seriously though, who the fuck caters a wedding with pizza? Especially a
    gay couple???!!! So this dumb hick decides to damage his business by
    announcing he plans to deny something to gay folks they don’t even want.
    That’s some epic dumbfuckery, right there.

  23. Edward Black says:

    People choose to be gay. Just like people choose to be black. I mean, gimme
    a break. And even if, as Ana Kasparian points out, one chooses to be gay,
    well, who cares. Why should it justify hatred toward gays? And, too, for
    religious folks: God made gayness.
    I don’t get the ire directed toward gays. I mean, it’s used by the powerful
    to divide us. But even the powerful, today, like Tim Cook of Apple Inc. are
    gay. And speaking out. (The late author Gore Vidal pointed out that nobody
    is gay; being gay describes an action, not a person.)

  24. Alex S. says:

    Ana Kasparian you are fucking worthless.

  25. chasemebaby says:

    On twitter I read: “Fuck these guys lets shame them into oblivion, give
    them bad reviews on yelp, harass them day & night!” << How is that any
    better? That's not the way to react to someone you disagree with. If
    straights did that today , they would be seen as monsters. A monster is a
    monster , never mind which side you take.


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