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Rand Paul’s Stupid Reasons For Not Supporting Gay Rights

“Cenk Uygur ( and John Iadaola ( host of The Young Turks discuss possible Presidential hopeful Senator Rand Paul and his hypocritical…

25 Responses to “Rand Paul’s Stupid Reasons For Not Supporting Gay Rights”

  1. The Young Turks says:

    Should Rand Paul take gay rights more seriously?

  2. Algathor says:

    A Paul video, I’m excited for this comment section.

  3. Crude Animation says:

    I don’t really understand what he’s trying to say to be honest.

  4. Twostones00 says:

    Rand Paul is a Republican. Never trust a Republican.

  5. Yusuke Urameshi says:

    The GOP really doesn’t have any viable contenders for the presidency this
    time around, so this is wide open race for any true progressive that wants
    to challenge Hillary.

  6. jplb96 says:

    He is a lot more Conservative than his father, who was a true Libertarian.

  7. The night wanderer says:

    I’m offended by rand Paul’s existence.

  8. Nathan Towns says:

    Not sure that’s a “No True Scotsman” Fallacy. It’s something, but I’m not
    sure it’s that.

  9. luckycityboy says:

    Is this shit really news worthy? If u really can’t understand what he means
    by this then you should read a book. Obviously he could have worded it
    better but you can still understand what he’s getting at. Starting to
    dislike tyt 

  10. PhillipHunsberger says:

    What Rand Paul is regurgitating is the ass backward logic of the “Equality
    for All” crowd. They claim to be for equality, but just not for individual
    groups. What I’m saying is, how can you be for equality when you actively
    go against equality for those individual groups at the same time.

  11. Shaun Todd says:

    This is perhaps the biggest problem we in the LGBT community face. Being
    gay is not a behavior. This is a misconception among gays and non-gays
    alike. Consider: a gay man marries a woman, has sex with her, and has kids.
    Is he now suddenly straight? Of COURSE not. Sexual orientation is about who
    you are attracted to, NOT who you sleep with.

  12. Bioshyn says:

    That’s what i don’t understand, how can a libertarian be a conservative
    christian at the same time?

  13. Zamolxet says:

    His father was a way better politician with true libertarian ideals.

  14. juslozano09 says:

    In the interview with Rand, I do believe he says Gays don’t have “special
    rights” because of their sexual orientation. He views them as individuals.
    And all individuals have the same rights. Be it white, black, gay or
    straight, it does not matter. So TYT, pull your head out of your ass! And
    listen to the interview! And you would see that he is on your side on this

  15. Augustus says:

    Idiot TYT noobs can’t grasp on the philosophy behind what Rand Paul is

    Gay people in America don’t have any less rights than anybody else. What
    they’re pushing for is special treatment.

  16. LaughedSnail says:

    I’m fucking sick of hearing nothing but videos about Gays from TYT. Give it
    up, some people won’t support it, some will. Personally, I dont support it,
    but I’m not going around shoving my fucking opinions down peoples throats.
    Show some real news TYT please.

  17. TheAtheistSocialist says:

    Libertarians are the most immoral people around, so this is unsurprising.

  18. Punit Modi says:

    I can’t wait until my generation becomes middle aged this kind of shit
    won’t exist by then

  19. Mark Feigenbutz says:

    Dude, Rand Paul is so freaking right on some issues, and then out of
    nowhere he just turns around with glazed eyes and says some wacky bullshit
    like this. Every time I hear something sensible come out of his mouth, it’s
    followed by utter nonsense.

  20. Kimonica says:

    Black people are free, any race of people can get married and soon in all
    states gay people will be able to marry. I wonder what the next big debate
    will be!?

  21. MrG0TH1ER says:

    Ether he is against gay marriage and doesn’t want to say it clearly knowing
    it is less and less popular of a position or he is ok with gay marriage but
    doesn’t want say it clearly to alienate is conservative base. That is a
    common problem with politicians. To please as many people as possible they
    use vague rhetoric to avoid truly answering a question. We need to pressure
    them to be clear so we know what the people we elect actually think.

  22. energyparticle says:

    What I heard Rand Paul say was gay people get the same rights as everyone
    else. as individuals we all have the same rights regardless of behavior.
    Not that I am a Rand Paul fan but I don’t think TYT understand what he is

  23. It's Your President says:

    There could be a big time killing disease roaring through the world, but
    gay activists won’t give a damn, they just want same sex marriage. There
    could be WWIII on USA, countries threatening to nuke the cities, but as
    long as same sex marriage is allowed, everything will be okay. There could
    be 100 kids starving to death, wishing to have a crumb. Gay activists won’t
    care, as long as they get same sex marriage. There could be a Christian
    worshiping God, and gay activists will get mad, but when they see a group
    of Muslims, they’ll offer to wash their turbans. Damn.

  24. orochimarujes says:

    The 2nd amendment does not say you have to be part of a militia, it says a
    militia is necessary for a free state, and that therefor the people should
    be armed.

  25. Edward Black says:

    Are corporate RIGHTS a behavior?!?!? I mean, greed, which corporate
    structures are based on, is a behavior.


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