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Radio Host: Gay Marriage Turns Kids Gay

In an interview in January, Liberty Counsel’s Mat Staver warned that the Supreme Court could “change Western Civilization” if it “goes the wrong way” and strikes down bans on same-sex…

25 Responses to “Radio Host: Gay Marriage Turns Kids Gay”

  1. Alex xeon says:

    Good, means less retards having kids.

  2. Adam Langfelder says:

    Head hurting… Stupidity overwhelming. With people like Staver, I often
    wonder this: What’s it’s like to be a complete idiot? We all know that
    Staver, Bryan Fischer and all the other legion of freaks are obsessed with
    cock. Why are they running from themselves? Just be yourself!!!!! Its
    really that simple!

  3. Alex xeon says:

    With every state that gets gay marriage my hunger for cock grows.

  4. IAmAFascist AndDumb says:

    He’s right. Gay couples are 8 times more likely to raise a child who grows
    up to become gay than heterosexual couples. Those are the facts, which the
    left ignores.

  5. Allow Assisted Suicide says:

    I haven’t even watched the video yet, but don’t even need to to comment…
    Yep, just like straight marriage turns kids straight, which is why there
    isn’t a single gay person in the world… oh, wait…

    Seriously, do those fucking idiots ever try and reason out their own line
    of… “reasoning” (for lack of a better word)?

  6. gaubrini says:

    If seeing gay people makes straight kids gay, why hasn’t seeing straight
    people turned gay kids straight?

  7. karl john says:

    uh, just like straight marriages make lesbian and gay kids

  8. GRiMHOLD says:

    Just look at pictures of him on Google…
    If anyones Gaydar is as strong as mine…
    You can tell this guy is gay….

  9. Archn Scythe says:

    It is suprising how many openly bigoted people there are when it comes to
    homosexuality.Trust me even though I am openly for LGBTQ+ Etc. rights I
    still have many friends who are openly against it. Thinking that being gay
    is sinful and saying ” Arch you just know that there is something wrong
    with two dudes fucking each other in the ass.” in a smug, obnoxious, and
    proud tone. Wait so now you are telling me what I should think? I don’t
    think so same guy that watches girls all up in the asses of other girls.

  10. Alex M says:

    Christian conservative morality believes that gays, bisexuals, lesbians and
    transgender people are all doing somehow something wrong, (without hurting
    or negatively effecting anybody) for being who they are. conservative
    morality believes that pornography and masterbation are wrong and immoral.
    Conservative morality believes that using condoms, the pill, contraception,
    pre-marital sex and promescuity are somehow immoral indecent actions. How
    can they say such things if it doesn’t hurt, harm or negatively effect
    anybody. Conservatives devalue humanity and life to the point that the
    single cell just after conception is a human being, a person. They think
    “wasting your seed” is sinful as if sperm were people. They think
    that gender roles and stereotypes constantly being forced onto children is
    not only ok, but mandatory. They think that women’s place should always be
    in the household and that men should always be the worker. They don’t think
    of wars, poverty, homophobia, racism, imperialism or diseases as ethical
    problems we need to solve. They think dropping marriage rates are a
    problem, and then oppose same-sex marriage. They think we should teach kids
    about the genocide of black people, Slavery, Segregation, Jim Crow,
    Japanese internment camps, the Native American Genocide and Imperialist

    I spit on your “morality”. It has nothing to do with human wellbeing,
    happiness, pain, suffering, harm, consequences or principles. Your
    “morality” is the height of immorality. Homophobia, Racism, Puritanism
    and Sexism.

  11. mrfaithandphysics says:

    Well why wouldn’t he be obsessed with gay people? They are, in general, a
    very clean and industrious people. Heh. Sexuality, and you may ask any
    professional (psychiatrist, not a professional gay), is a wide spectrum of
    behavior. Gay, straight, and everything in between. I mean *everything*
    in between. :)

  12. What is my purpose? says:

    Oh? So straight couples don’t experiment with each other. It’s just the
    gays. So I guess it’s impossible for a man to have anal and oral sex with a

  13. Legendary176 says:

    10% of people are exclusively homosexual, 10% are exclusively heterosexual,
    80% of people are some degree of bisexual. 

  14. Backfrom Thedead says:

    Another loud mouthed closet case screaming that all hell will break lose
    ! Unfudging believable the crap that they say……

  15. truebinx says:

    Scary thing is, these people control Congress.

  16. hollowosamudiamen says:

    If Mat were anymore projecting any hard he might as well told as story on
    how a “friend” named “Pat” once had a past encounter with his neighbor
    Bill. Still thinking and longing for the day he could embrace Bill once
    again before he dies a sad miserable life.

  17. Babak says:

    Hopefully some time soon, you can have some form of legal paperwork done,
    where you get the same legal and financial benefits as you get with a
    marriage, without calling the god damn thing marriage. Then maybe people
    whom want to live together can get that, and others whom love the stupid
    symbolic bullshit can get married.
    I am not aware if you can currently do this somewhere, but if you can, yay.

    I wish you could chose your sexual orientation by will, more fun to fuck,
    and get fucked by everyone, than just half the poppulation. God damn you

  18. Tommy Latham says:

    But these religious idiots don’t have a problem with single parents, I’ve
    never heard them argue how unnatural that is. Monogamy isn’t even natural
    it’s a choice, unlike sexual orientation.

  19. wantafanta01 says:

    hes right in some ways, sexuality isnt just straight, gay and bi.. its the
    degree to witch you are attracted to one sex or the other.. most people
    arent so attracted to the same sex that they would have sex with them, some
    are.. the only people who have a problem with gays are people who are
    uncomfortible with their own sexuality and thats fact

  20. ronnie rodriguez says:

    By his logic we should all be straight because we have only seen straight
    married couples growing up. Complete and utter nonsense. What kind of
    moron would buy into this crap.

  21. The Young Turds says:

    i wouldnt mind if LGBT had their own nation with their own constitution and
    no use in going after religious people and convincing them gay marriage is

  22. Steve27775 says:

    Staver ignores the fact that between 40 and 50% of heterosexual marriages
    in the US end in divorce and that the average length of an American
    marriage is 8 years. And that’s not something that can be blamed on gay
    marriage. He seems to believe in some kind of rosy happily-ever-after

  23. FreedomForceUSA says:

    Are we talking about the people that have zero boundaries and fuck anything
    that moves? Or are we talking about people that are naturally gay or not?
    It’s hardwired, end of f*cking story. Regardless, I don’t want the CHURCH
    to force it’s will on how people choose to live their lives.
    If every woman on the planet disappeared, the temptation to touch a dick
    would NEVER occur for me, but for Mat Staver,…?

  24. Shiwanokia says:

    Rainbow stealers are soooooo clueless and cling to threads to justify doing
    whatever they want to do. Behind closed doors fine, but legally lead to a
    slippery slope.

  25. Hector Defendi says:

    Mat Staver can stick a hot curling iron right up His stupid ass


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