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Quesajitas – Handle It

We’re taking your this previous-level recipe and giving it a much needed upgrade. Oh and did we mention we’re going to teach you how to make Tequila Guacamole? LIKE/FAVORITE and SHARE new.

25 Responses to “Quesajitas – Handle It”

  1. zambizi100 says:

    Where’s the bacon !!

  2. Epic Meal Time says:
  3. BazzaGamingHD says:

    Where’s the bacon????!!!!!

  4. Sierra Nowegejcik says:

    It’s kinda sad that you don’t know how to cut an avocado. Thought this was
    ‘handle it’. All you have to do is take a knife’ slice from root to bottom’
    TWIST’ pit’ and the scoop. No mess necessary. 

  5. pandulce says:

    I think they try to hard to make food seem ‘manly’ i mean, shots? Really?
    In the guac? That doesnt make it manly; it makes it fucking disgusting!
    Seriously take it down a notch or two! 

  6. MrHairyBrit - Funny News & Ranty Vlogs says:

    Totally making these for my breakfast!!!

    #1 – Why is Justin Beiber allowed to live?
    #2 – How long is Miley Cyrus’s tongue?
    #3 – Why hasn’t anybody made this with BACON as the bread?!?!?!

  7. Trevor Philips says:

    “Quesajita” because that’s the only Spanish they know lol..

  8. Shreddah says:

    His lisping is fucking annoying. Can’t watch.

  9. CapnTates says:

    How bad can you be at pronouncing mexican dishes? “Que” is pronounced kè
    not ké. The e in guacamole should not be pronounced like “ie” but “eh”.
    I don’t even know Spanish (or Mexican Spanish) and know that.

  10. MarioTST says:

    Hello awesome people of the internet:)

  11. A&V Productions says:

    Isn’t a quesadilla just one tortilla filled with cheese then folded in

  12. Dio Brando says:

    “welcome to handle-it the world wide web’s favorite instructional cooking
    me: chill

  13. Robert Drangus says:

    Damn, that shit looks sexy. Gotta have some lime onna side, though. And a
    big, cold beer. 

  14. Adam B says:

    Do I need to mash up the guac or can I blend?

  15. Arturo Martinez says:

    Okey I’m from México that sound good Quesajitas jajaja

  16. IRL1v1's says:

    Okay, so I’m Hispanic. Watching this made me cringe and die inside a little
    bit… the tortilla he using is just garbage… Using a true authentic,
    mexican tortilla would’ve improved the taste by thousands of times…please
    don’t use that fuck pathetic excuse for a tortilla. Thanks (: 

  17. ANlMATED says:

    I heard that dipping your balls in there will stop the oxidation as well.
    You should try that and invite all your friends over for the taste testes.

  18. Kevin96 ™ says:

    Make a candy calzone
    Any1 agree?

  19. Ryan Patel says:

    3:44 & 4:12 editing mistake, fire that person!! Fire the chef while you’re
    at it, I mean no bacon come on!!!!

  20. Marcus Smith says:

    No bacon, shame on you Amir, no wonder you’re the least liked of the group.
    Well next to that idiot with shit facial hair they barely have on cam.

  21. Real_Ski says:

    Putting the seed in Guac does not keep it from turning brown. 

  22. Alexander Borsi says:

    The avocado seed doesn’t help it not turn brown… The acid in the lemon
    juice does. It will still do that eventually, since it is between the air
    and the avocado stuff.

  23. Jose Rodriguez says:

    Lemon is what helps make the guacamole stay green. Not the seed. 

  24. James Callahan says:

    This one looks badass. I will be doing this VERY soon


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