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Presbyterian Church Formally Recognizes Gay Marriage ft. Taryn Southern

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25 Responses to “Presbyterian Church Formally Recognizes Gay Marriage ft. Taryn Southern”

  1. Adam de leon says:

    Holy shit im so early… come adam think of something clever to say…..
    GEOS Hot Af , julia needs to learn to read, Joes hair is perfect, barts
    farts smell like shit, tiff got big boobs , and david funny Af

  2. Evans Daily Life says:

    I live in a Protestant country- still ain’t legal here! I’m not gay but
    come on why do people vote AGAINST it? If people marry it has nothing to do
    with you and it will not affect you!

  3. 100,000 Subscribers With No Videos?! says:

    I am over halfway! Aiming for 55K by the end of the night! Big aim for a
    monday but we are getting close and if we can keep up this rate I will be
    there in under 28 days!

  4. Buster Baxter says:

    3:51 — “So what if a 15 year old boy, loves a 60 year old man?”

    Bart & Geo yell out “Well love is Love!” — SMH I can def. see Pedofiles
    having their rights in the future if people actually think like this now,
    this world is turning to shit.

  5. CrimeWithArts says:

    That’s cool that a Church would accept the lgbt. Even though I’m not
    religious, I would like to visit that church. 

  6. Michael Brigola says:

    Whether it be Science, Math, Religion, etc. neither explains/has all the
    answers a balance/mixture of both is good.

  7. igorXdzaic says:

    Orthodox Christian here…(not a bible thumper, those people are dumb)
    Science rocks because… common sense
    Idgaf who marries who
    Some religious people are so fucking stupid when it comes to certain things
    (southern republicans)

  8. Alt Mantaa says:

    Religion is man made. There’s no debate about that.

  9. Michael Brigola says:

    Historical problem with religion? How bout historical problem with people
    against religion? Examples: Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong, etc. Please.

  10. Joon K. says:

    I like Taryn’s thought about the subject! But for Bart and Joe, to say
    religion “brainwashes” or is stupid or whatever is the same as religious
    extremists hating for no reason. I try to be very faithful in my religion
    (Christianity.. Catholic at that) and support gay marriage and equality
    just as much as they do. And yes, I would hope to think that I support
    critical and analytical thinking too, studying psychology and having taken
    anthropology classes. Lol. I just hope they understand not all religious
    people are “brainwashed” as they say. 

  11. halvor haugenaes says:

    wtf is all this mockery on christianity for jknews??? they never say one
    bad word about islam or muhammed, because they aere scared off muslim
    terrorist and jknews will end up like charlie hebdo.

  12. Abby Criss says:

    Dismissing same sex marriage because of religion is the equivalent to being
    at a restaurant and seeing someone order cake and then saying to the waiter
    “Waiter, cancel that cake. My dietbook says I can’t have cake so they cant
    have cake either.”

  13. Waldo says:

    gays have more diseases then strait people thats why they cant give blood

  14. Jessiestt says:

    Good for this church!! I’m a Christian, and support gay rights. I also live
    in the bible belt. It’s really bad here. I hardly ever talk to my grandma
    because she said “I don’t want gay people around me.”, and my cousin is

  15. Bane391 says:

    Im not against gay marriage, people could do whatever they want as long as
    it doesn’t negatively effect others around them, but why is it that
    consensual incest (using birth control) isn’t viewed the same? (FYI I’m
    against incest).

  16. Adam Mcmahon says:

    Proddy bastards

    100% for gay marriage

  17. Katy Som says:

    I opened up to my mom that I was agnostic while in parochial school. Both
    at school and at home, I was forced to practice a religion that I
    necessarily didn’t believe in but at the same time, wasn’t sure of. I
    believe that it is not our calling to tell the future of what happens when
    we die. Heaven seems like something someone with a self-preservation issue
    made up to give hope to those with shit lives, whereas nothing seems bleak
    and it’s just hard to get in the mind set that one day out of nowhere I
    will just stop existing. I try to think about following the golden rule of
    don’t be a dick. I try to keep others happy and okay which in return makes
    me feel happy and okay. My mom, to this day, still pesters me about how the
    parish she belongs to is accepting to all and to that I ask her, “have you
    read the book of Leviticus”.

  18. Melissa Kane says:

    Am I the only one who thinks Taryn is Great?! She’s very knowledgable and
    funny, loving her in the show

  19. Nicholas Musser says:

    No. I have no problem with homosexuality, or gay marriage, I’m cool with
    it. That church, however, should not. You can’t be christian if you don’t
    follow the tenets of that religion. The bible quite literally says that
    it’s not okay, and if a church says it is, then they are not a christian
    church. It would be like a Hindi church (is it a church, or a temple?)
    advocating genocide when their religion (as far as I know) is peaceful.
    (Even if thats wrong, you get what I’m trying to say.). Again, just to
    reiterate, I am okay with homosexuality, I will go to your wedding, and
    celebrate with you,. I just don’t think it’s okay when a religious
    organization does things in the name of a religion that clearly does not
    support those actions.

  20. Hoonigan Gaming says:

    It’s Adam & Eve
    Not Adam & Steve

  21. Cranking All Day says:

    Can we got rid of the blonde… David So is way more funny. With her they
    are all chill and relaxed. With David so they are all hyped up and way more
    interesting to watch. 

  22. Jenni. says:

    I’m 10000% okay with people who use religion as a way to uplift themselves
    but I will never be okay with people using using religion as a way to put
    down others. 

  23. Max Fernando says:

    OMG!!! she doesn’t believe in GOD!?!? CHRISTIANS, ATTACK!!!!

  24. O 1994 says:

    The funny thing is the majority of christians don’t question their religion
    and end up either believing in it blindly or leaving it .
    I’m muslim , i questioned my parents a lot about islam , they never bit or
    shouted at me . They always took time ,answered all of my questions and
    encouraged me to ask more .
    I searched about my religion and tried to understand it more . I questioned
    , i’m a scientist now so logic and evidence is my prime thing , i compared
    both and they were very compatible.
    So just a little bit of advise , if you choose something don’t choose it
    because it’s the thing . If you’re an atheist , question more about life
    and start thinking philosophically , don’t atheists consider themselfs the
    best scientists ?so try and go by phylosophy( it’s the best science out
    If you are a religious person or born to a religious family , try and
    search about it , question and you will sure find the answer.

  25. Puuruuruu says:

    Why are people against homosexuality? It’s against your religion? stop
    being so butthurt, it’s not affecting you at all


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