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Pokemon Turn Kids Gay!

The beloved video game/cartoon characters are turning your kids gay… maybe. WIN TICKETS TO SOURCEFED MOVIE NIGHT!: GET OUR OFFICIAL APP: …

25 Responses to “Pokemon Turn Kids Gay!”

  1. BetaDrive says:

    I’ve played every single Pokemon video game, and I like women.

    I mean I like a pinky in my butt occasionally, but…

  2. 12ryanjackson says:

    This explains a lot about my friends. DAMN YOU POKEMON! 

  3. Alex Kolberg says:

    I play(ed) pokemon religiously and I’m kinda gay. But I always found Misty
    pretty cute…

  4. crunkinthis says:

    How can u become gay when u had misty growing up…. 

  5. Kawaii kawaii says:

    “Gotta catch them all” is also “I love satan” backwards

  6. Christopher John says:

    I’m Christian and I think that pastor’s an Absol-ute idiot.

  7. 0x0BEAR0x0 says:

    pokemon doesnt turn you gay, sam does

  8. The Gaming Archer says:

    Stuff like this really makes me angry. I get so annoyed when people blame
    videogames as the reason younger people are not to their liking. Does
    playing Grand Theft Auto make you a psychopath in real life. NO! Does
    playing Pokémon make you gay or make you praise Satan. NO!!! Video games
    aren’t the problem, people.

  9. ProDeedZ says:

    Ash is GAY! He has had 5 hot female companions going on journeys with them
    and he hasnt banged NOT ONE! He wants the Pikatchu dick. 

  10. Neo Genesis Gaming says:

    Yay for Christians… At it again I see. -_-

  11. Blackman Whitesuit says:

    I felt like Steve and Sam needed to switch scripts…

  12. Richard Baker says:

    It still amazes me there are people stupid enough to think people can
    “turn” gay or back straight when we know that sexuality is pretty much an
    inherited trait. I find it disturbing how much others care about peoples
    orientation, let people do whatever they want behind closed doors as long
    as kids or animals aren’t involved.

  13. Abigail Porcaro says:

    As someone who is confidently straight and was just playing Pokemon
    literally before watching this video i’d like to disagree,now if you excuse
    me i’m going to go pray to my dark lord satan while chanting the poke-rap

  14. barbasfear16 says:

    idk, I loved Pokemon growing up and I turned out
    super-mega-doing-butt-stuff-with-other-dudes gay.

  15. J.I. Vargas says:

    Wait a minute.. People still believe in god?

  16. ThePunisher1028 says:

    If anything it makes you Pan. Gotta catch em all!

  17. Charlie Clifton-Brown says:

    but hey, that’s just a theory, a GAME THEORY. Thanks for watching.

  18. Mark Views マークビュー says:

    I honestly don’t know what to say….that pastor is the biggest mother
    fucking ass-hole in this fucking planet. Just because someone plays a game
    doesn’t mean that the game will make them gay or lesbian. Last time I
    checked being gay and lesbian is a life choice, and this is coming from a
    guy that grew up playing pokemon and still plays it because it is a good
    game, and guess what, I am straight!!! Also, *Sam Bashor* get you sick mind
    out of the gutter, it is a fucking game and I am pretty sure that most of
    the people that grew up playing the game didn’t think of such thing I know
    I didn’t. #sourcefednerd #sourcefed

  19. Twistedeyes11 says:

    This is why I’m an athiest 

  20. Demi C says:

    I’m christian aaaaaaannnnndddd i disagree…. Like seriously! Even my mum
    who stopped me from watching pokemon was on the reasons because its the
    devil because they are creatures fighting each other or i actually forgot
    the reason because i still watched it with my brother.
    Christians like this ruin children’s childhood. My parents went to a church
    and they were told that children should watch anything remotely magic like
    so my parents took away mulan, little mermaid, beauty and the beast, every
    disney movie because of the 666 bullshit on the disney logo! And oh it
    didn’t end there they didn’t let me watch Harry Potter, lord of the rings
    which is my favourite movie every or read the books they took them away
    from me!
    Thinking back i missed a lot of my favourite shows and books and movies
    because some ignorant person said so.
    My parents left the church they now go to a new one and every time i remind
    them of what they did they regret it and the look and their face when i
    remind them is sort of heartbreaking because they know how wrong they
    Parents let you children watch what they want to watch and you could still
    teach them the word of God without restricting them from enjoying movies
    and shows they generally like and enjoy. 

  21. AVeryOddBrony says:

    I have lost full faith in the world.

  22. LoverofChildren says:

    I have played Pokémon since I was 7. I know every Pokémon out there. I have
    every game released internationally ever. I have every season that was
    released on box set internationally. I have figurines, plushies, cards and
    everything you can imagine. I am also an cis, 18 year old male. Last time I
    checked, my girlfriend did not have a dick. I have never touched a dick
    other than my own and I do not have plans to do it either.

    Most Pokémon youtubers are straight.

    So I call bullshit.

  23. RealSuperSand says:

    Pokemon does not make you gay, but the main character, Ass ketchup, IS
    undeniably gay. Or at least into pokeality.

  24. Xadaj127 says:

    Uh… I’m a pokemon girl, and i’m straight as fuck. This is just a
    groundless attack on a popular franchise. Wouldn’t be the first time… -_-
    If you believe this, then I have a dam for sale.

  25. DaedricSheep says:

    I love how people are talking like there’s a real conversation to be had.
    Like fuck off and just laugh. Your religion or lack of has nothing to do
    with this situation. Now please be quiet while I beat the Elite Four again
    while shoving an actual tree up my ass.


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