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Pizza Cone – Handle It

Prince Atari teaching you how to make your pizza 3D LIKE/FAVORITE and SHARE for new meals every week! And order the COOKBOOK from any of these links: Amazon: …

24 Responses to “Pizza Cone – Handle It”

  1. erik pelligrino says:

    Wow, all of you need to stop eating junk food move out of your mothers
    house and get a job, fellow tubers

  2. Cevyn Injekkt says:

    Pizza fries, please?

  3. Epic Meal Time says:
  4. BigMo says:

    Comments section is full of 7 and 8 year olds. I DON’T CARE IF YOU ARE

  5. The Unknown says:

    Asians can’t do this just by listening to the audio
    If they do so, they will have to kill a lot of flowers 

  6. Deadlylyon15 says:

    you can buy mini peperoni. I use them all the time when i make home made
    pizza beagles.

  7. Zavian Lee says:

    Epic isn’t as funny or good as it was a couple years ago

  8. Jonathan Low says:

    Only cooking show I actually enjoy

  9. starkingbiker says:

    I’m holding a fat shit while watching this

  10. k11yle says:

    question…what the fuck happened with the dough in the corner? (im
    planning on making this tomorrow)

  11. Ben Lucas says:

    How do you eat this?

  12. Joshua Jones says:

    If you don’t have a rolling pin and your dad drink Jack Daniels(square
    bottle) you can just use a cat. Gently roll the cat out on the dough. also
    if you don’t have the fancy cups try coat hangers and tin foil. Not plastic
    hangers. Then share the pizza with your cat for all their hard work.

  13. HillyBilly says:

    kids in africa could have fucked that cone

  14. Jenny Rivera says:

    In florida there’s a resteraunt where they make this lol it’s called Pizza
    a kono 

  15. Ein says:

    Step 1: Bake a pizza
    Step 2: Eat it

    Who needs gimmicks ;)

  16. Lebryant_Jordan says:

    Pizza is always 3D lol

  17. Giancarlo ll says:

    Or you could just roll up a piece of pizza and put in the dish.

  18. ginaheartscupcakes says:

    This looks amazing! I am so making these sometime in the near future!

  19. Jack A says:

    Let that cool for 45 minutes or when you bite into it, your mouth will be
    burned like Ghost Rider just jizzed in your mouth. 

  20. ZOMBIE GUT kill says:

    i thought 3-D was already made from deep dish

  21. Dosh says:

    How to make a pizza cone, the e-z way: Cut a pizza in half. Roll each half
    into cones. Now you have pizza cones.

  22. catsndogs98 says:

    This was….a pretty normal video. That’s actually pretty cawing cool.

  23. Bryton Asapace says:

    All that

  24. Heldagrif says:

    I made a real pizza, and then I rolled it into a cone. I skipped the Martha
    Stewart bitch shit. Better luck next time.


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