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During a recent appearance on KHTS AM-1220, Home Care Services Santa Clarita President Rick Ferrante talked about the difficulties those caring for their senior loved ones often face, and encouraged the community to offer support.

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Adult children, grandchildren and other relatives often find themselves suddenly thrown into the role of being a caregiver for their loved one almost overnight, with very little time to really prepare, according to Ferrante.

“I’ve never taken a class that said, this is how to care for your parents,” he said. “We do all kinds of stuff, but this is not a skill that I was taught… What happens is, it comes up, and boom, it’s an event. It’s in your face.”

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This could happen as a result of a fall or other injury, a diagnosis of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, or the sudden realization that their senior loved one needs help with activities of daily living.

“Obviously these people are saints — these are people that do what they need to do to care for somebody,” Ferrante continued. “But for us that are seeing this with a friend or relative, we’ve got to recognize that this is tough, and probably the toughest thing that they’ve gone through.”

First, Ferrante encouraged simply being cognisant of the fact that the person has been thrown into a shocking role reversal with their parents, a world they are not trained or experienced in.

He also advised recognizing the difficulty in switching back and forth from their role as a caregiver to being an everyday person doing normal things, as well as the fact that it’s often the start of a long progression of health or cognitive issues for the senior.

“We’ve got to recognize all of those pieces — tough, tough stuff,” Ferrante said. “Help them compartmentalize, help them move (forward so) they’re able to live a life as well as act in this role.”

Sometimes this support and recognition can be provided by just listening, giving the caregiver a voice and a “sounding board,” according to Ferrante.

“(Say), ‘Let’s sit down and talk about this,’ and I’ll tell you, that’s a world of difference,” he said. “I think my message this morning is look around. Look around you and reach out.”  

Ed. Note: This article is a KHTS Feature story based on a recent radio interview with Home Care Services.

Home Care Services Santa Clarita provides in-home care for seniors in Santa Clarita, as well as others who need assistance in their home, and related products and services. In addition to professional caregivers in Santa Clarita, the knowledgeable staff at Home Care Services Santa Clarita also offer free resources, support and guidance to anyone who may need help caring for their own senior family member at their Caregiver Resource Center.

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