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Obama Wants End Of Gay Conversion Therapy For Minors

Cenk Uygur ( host of The Young Turks discusses President Barack Obama calling for end to therapies that claim to convert homosexuals to heteronormative people….

25 Responses to “Obama Wants End Of Gay Conversion Therapy For Minors”

  1. DesiredSounds says:

    Thank fucking god, gay conversion therapy is a really messed up thing for
    someone who’s still figuring out their sexuality. Glad that parents can’t
    force this on their children anymore.

  2. TheQuietAtheist says:

    Christianity will never work when it comes to passion for Humanity. They
    are so fixated on this Fairy Tale that is somehow going to make someone’s
    life better allegedly. Clearly, this is a prime example of it not being the
    case. I am for a Federal Ban on this nonsense. Christian Bigotry should
    stay out of the lives of people. Clearly, Christianity needs to stay out

  3. Nicholas Krizov says:

    So it took a tortured soul killing herself (by jumping in front of a truck,
    no less) and posting her suicide note on social media, for a sadistic
    and hateful “psychiatric practice” to be banned nationwide. Yay America, I

  4. BlackLabelSlushie says:

    I wonder if conservatives and others are proud of themselves when they see
    this. All this “it ain’t normal” and “the pieces don’t fit” mocking and
    scorning of people. Are you happy now?

  5. Edgardo Peregrino says:

    It didn’t take long for the bigots to come out of their lair. I support
    conversion therapy for them so they won’t be assholes anymore. 

  6. Paige MacLean says:

    I signed this petition and genuinely thought nothing would happen…this is
    so amazing! #ThanksObama <3

  7. LabTech says:

    Just a quick reminder that the petition to file charges against the 47
    Senators who sent the letter to Iran got over 3 times the signatures that
    this petition did, on the same site.
    Not to diminish the impact of this matter, but I just wanted to point it
    out since the response on the Iran petition closed the other day, and a
    response should be forthcoming.

  8. WindSlicer4 says:

    Good. Stop trying to change people. 

  9. James Parker says:

    “Gay Conversion Therapists Claim Most Patients Fully Straight By The Time
    They Commit Suicide”-The onion

  10. Joey Ulmer says:

    Obama’s infringing upon the religious FREEDOMS of the therapy centers by
    not giving them the right to psychologically torture and berate LGBT teens
    to the point of suicide!!!!!1111

  11. CanadianGuy eH says:

    For minors? Why not just ban them entirely…. seems half ass to me.

  12. lukus black says:

    This should be outlawed federally. Any ‘therapist’ who does this, and any
    parent who signs their kid up for this should be in prison for child abuse.
    This ‘step in the right direction’ will allow this abuse to go on in any
    state that continues to allow it, which I’m guessing is any state that
    allows it now…

  13. dangerouslytalented says:

    Of course, giving the states control over it, will mean that the parents of
    these kids will send them to other states to convert them. Thing is, it can
    be far, far worse, there was that documentary a couple of years ago where
    they were kidnapped and sent to the Dominican Republic for such therapy…

  14. DanteAtomosKageokami says:

    I have not yet heard of one successful gay conversion center
    i only hear things like this or torture on it’s emitted victims, yes

    its not conversion its “stop being gay or we’re hurt you, alot”

  15. orochimarujes says:

    How to solve the marriage problem:

    Abolish marriage as a legal institution. If people still want to marry,
    they are free to do so, they just won’t get any legal benefits from it. No
    government involvement. You can just treat all parents like we treat
    unmarried couples with children today. Problem solved. Forever.

  16. tek2095 says:

    I remember seeing some story where a teenage girl was locked up in one of
    these “Conversion Therapy” camps. The things they did to her were
    absolutely sickening.

  17. Rick Smith says:

    Didn’t they do that to Alan Turing? Haven’t changed much since 1950s 

  18. HitomiNoRyu says:

    Gay conversion therapy should not offered even to the adults for the same
    reason lobotomies should not offered to anyone.

  19. MrG0TH1ER says:

    Lets torture kids who are already confused and struggling because that’s
    what Jesus would have done…
    If Jesus came back the conservative Christians would spit in his face.

  20. Hikaru Katayamma says:

    In order to get it done at the federal level, the REPUBLICAN controlled
    congress would have to pass a law, and that won’t happen. President Obama
    has no choice but to push for state level action.

    You have to pick your fights. Tilting at windmills only makes the horse

  21. Mark Bradley says:

    A step in the right direction? This is exactly where it needs to end.
    Banning it entirely actually would infringe upon people’s liberty…just
    like the war on drugs. All adults should be free to put whatever poison
    they want into their body or mind.

  22. andyt2k says:

    Trying to help save lives, typical Kenyan Commie, Muslim, THANKS OBAMA

  23. Skerdy says:

    Obama as usual or as I like to call him “the limp dick”. I mean every once
    in a while you think he has an hard on for some issue but no: he’s a dead
    limp dick as always… huzzah for “Yes we can!” everybody!

  24. Plebeian says:

    Where are all the trolls?

  25. Enlighten Ment says:

    With this logic, pedophiles will remain pedophiles no matter what & cannot
    be helped. Also a cheater can never become faithful & a person could never
    change no matter what. The ignorance Atheist Libs have on this topic is


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