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Muffin Madness – Handle It

Mook is going to teach you how to make breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert at the same time! LIKE/FAVORITE and SHARE for new meals every week! And order the COOKBOOK from any of these …

25 Responses to “Muffin Madness – Handle It”

  1. Дмитрий Кот says:

    what’s the music?

  2. Epic Meal Time says:
  3. Justin Fung says:

    I bet 99% of your subs don’t do this.

  4. GamerGirlBarbieDoll Vixen says:

    suck my pussy

  5. GamerNRetro says:

    Your show lost it’s touch years ago and your twitch streaming cash grab
    blows. Get a job. 

  6. JET Crew says:

    is it weird that the muffins remind me of my dad?

  7. Juanmig Gasgonia says:

    I like how these guys say that they’ve never learned how to cook properly,
    yet all these video’s that they make says otherwise.

  8. DerFifaFreak says:

    That’s literally the most unhealthy dish ever!

  9. Cevyn Injekkt says:

    Is that… Josh?

    He should just solo host Handle It. He’s the only one that can actually
    cook… and render each recipe edible in appearance.

    Besides, he’s the least neurotic of the lot. Oi. 

  10. Mark zuidd says:

    I hate it when my dad bashes my head against the

  11. Guy Random says:



  12. Prism says:

    That look delicious and he Josh is, in my opinion, the best member for
    Handle It

  13. roger brown says:

    That looks outrageous an delicious.

  14. notsure ifsrs says:

    What’s with the 90’s porn music?

  15. Novacaine says:

    I have a feeling no one cooks this sht

  16. Jarch says:

    Hey it would mean a lot if you guys checked out my videos!

  17. Privilege says:

    the bun turns out burnt on the outside and squishy and uncooked on the
    inside :/

  18. Brijesh Chauhan says:

    What is the music at the end?

  19. JRScrambo says:

    Or if you want a REAL knife. Buy a damn shun. 

  20. Justin Corley says:

    We need a vegan episode

  21. TheGodOfPez says:

    I have come to like Handle It episodes so much more than Epic Meal Time
    episodes. No debate.

  22. Grimtass says:

    Freaking GENIUS!

  23. Slpk says:

    That dessert was a little lazy.

  24. Pete F says:

    I’ve never heard so many effeminate words in my life.
    You forgot to wear your apron.

  25. TooUnrested says:

    Totally gonna make this 


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