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Mortal Kombat reveals first gay character?!!


25 Responses to “Mortal Kombat reveals first gay character?!!”

  1. Ethan Gardiner says:

    Ty your gay impression is scarily accurate…

  2. Time/Space says:

    Oh well still not better than Johnny Cage.

  3. King Artis says:

    Dont care, still like playing as Kung Jin.

    Also… Your gay character act was scary good lol

  4. Brandon Phillips says:

    Lmao the way you did wooooooo!!!!!

  5. Adam Franco says:

    I’m totally gay for Bo Rai Cho

  6. Team DC says:

    Your gay impression had me dead!! XDD

  7. ron solomon says:

    Impression on point!

  8. Dikembe Falden says:

    lmfao i cant stop laughing!!!

  9. KiddGreen1 says:

    Lmao the gay impression was killing me

  10. Tonberry Queen says:

    Pfft. Who cares. Raiden’s still the coolest character.

  11. Lostless Zero says:

    It really doesn’t seem like the reveal was him being gay. I’ve beaten the
    game and I though they wouldn’t accept him because he was a theif. Before
    that flashback he stops a man from being executed because he stole bread to
    eat and his team asked him why save a theif and he says something along the
    line of even a theif is absolvable or redeemable. So I though he was just a
    theif even in the flashback raiden catches his trying to steal a family
    relic. If he is gay cool but if its just one random interpretation that
    they are accepting that seems out of contexts and done really poorly story

  12. D HODGE says:

    I’ve falling dying laughing…And I cant get

  13. mgonepro87 says:

    His fatalities are he will suck your dick and then twerk on your face lmao.

  14. Crazy_Legs5567 says:

    Still not as gay as WB fucking their consumers over with their shady DLC,
    bug and glitches, MTs, and the update that makes it harder to obtain gold
    for the krypt thus encourage the sales of the DLCs.

  15. A Sapoluu says:


  16. Ghost says:

    LMAO, that was too funny!

  17. Ryan Dartez says:

    LOL I remember Jax was ambiguously gay in the old animated series.

  18. Jason Stephens says:

    Lol I feel like I’m watching In Living Color. HATED IT!!

  19. Вадим Никулин says:

    I never knew that Justin Bieber is Mortal Kombat character

  20. tamzgaming says:

    I’m dead lmao 

  21. VersusSEED says:

    WTF?! lol I hope this is someone’s first video they see of you XD

  22. Steve -O says:

    Yeah, I kinda guessed that from his talk with Raiden about the Shaolin and
    the fact that he didn’t hit on Cassie Cage while Takeda was hitting on
    Jacqui Briggs.

  23. luckyseven77712 says:

    WAYNEMAN from low down dirty shame lol

  24. Tobie Olson says:

    When i was playing the game, gay didn’t even come to my mind. Kung Jin
    obviously desires being a thief. This assumption is stupid, and people need
    to stop bringing gay into everything to make gays feel accepted. Its stupid
    and wrong.

  25. Albin LI says:

    I’m gonna be honest… I did not expect this xD


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