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Mini Meatball Deathstar – Handle It

Teaching you how to make an Epic Meal Time classic recipe, the Meatball Deathstar! LIKE/FAVORITE and SHARE for new recipes every week! Need tools to cook with? Order the cooking arsenal:…

25 Responses to “Mini Meatball Deathstar – Handle It”

  1. Max Alex Berndt says:

    We all know he likes slapping his meat.

  2. Epic Meal Time says:
  3. Anton Mossberg says:

    Fuck watching this hungry af

  4. RomulusCraft says:

    One thing that’s always stayed with me from my picky childhood days is my
    hate for onions. The flavor is great, but the texture when you bite into
    it… I dunno man it makes me feel like I’m eating a fly that flew into my
    food. Great recipe otherwise, keep it up :D

  5. Jessica Andrea says:

    Hate the way he says pasta

  6. The Unknown says:

    Like if you’re a boy and reply if you’re a girl

  7. freakmessiah says:

    thats a big ass meatball!

  8. NujumKey (Kingdom Gaming) says:

    This looks like cafeteria food…

  9. DudesWazap says:

    What’s the name of the song on the background ? 

  10. Srijit Stinson says:

    Mini meatball or Mini Minter 

  11. Martijn Kemperman says:

    Is it just me or is EMT (not just handle it) is getting more serious

  12. I'm a sexy chicken says:


  13. Max Spoon says:

    You literally camouflaged a crappy kitchen into looking decent xD 

  14. SPCBRAWLERZ says:

    (Stomach starts growling)
    That’s the sign to hit the kitchen!

  15. Omar Ibraheem says:

    Make something with Chinese food. Like some sort of noddle chicken thing

  16. MrHairyBrit - Funny News & Ranty Vlogs says:

    0:08 They look sexier than Dolphin orgies!!! WOW

    #1 What is your favourite EPIC MEAL TIME recipe?
    #2 Would you ever try to make one of these?

  17. Love Personafied says:

    am I only one who thinks he’s sexy as fuck?

  18. MotorGoesFPV says:

    I just made the full size death star like 2 weeks ago, it was good but the
    little ones look better dayum 

  19. DRAWNBOX says:

    Look at his blue and black shirt!

  20. Slpk says:

    Adding cheese and tomato sauce to anything will always make it more

  21. Aravind S K says:

    WTF? He says “unpause and let’s continue” but if you have paused the video
    then how can see him saying those lines?

  22. Jsmith12292 says:

    You say Pasta weird… And its bothering me

  23. Super Marijus says:

    omg who even wears t shirts anymore ? why do you not sell tank tops ? 

  24. staplercut says:

    Это могло быть пельмень-inception если бы мясной шар завернули в тесто.

  25. nursevsfood says:

    Can’t wait for Star Wars ^_^


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