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  1. Milyy Trinidad says:

    Larry es real la re concha de la lora es mi mejor san valentiiiiiiiin

  2. sasha jean says:

    Love you Louis, I’ll support you forever xxx

  3. Sammi Peters says:

    He said “I’m game.” It only sounds like I’m gay if you want it too.
    I’m a larry shipper, but if he’s trying or has to hide it, why would he
    blurt it out to a bunch of fans ?? 

  4. CollegeBound says:

    Lol but watch all the Elounor / Nonshippers try to find a way to say that
    it wasn’t him just because they can’t say he said something else. It was
    loud, clear, and clearly Louis.

  5. Daniela Marmolejo says:

    Duh! Louis was being so sarcastic. Him voice sound like a joke. And is
    pretty obvious

  6. smurfie26 says:

    He was being sarcastic, probably to put off the fan girl.

  7. martin cabello jauregui says:

    I support it

  8. Jenifer Mercado says:

    #larryisreal some girl tried to tell me it’s not his real voice and another
    one said that he said that its a hot day

  9. Xx shane the mlg gamer xX says:

    He said it so fast and it kinda sounded like gay or game but smh…
    Directioners picking at straws looking for anything or twisting things
    around to make larry seem real. I can understand larry being a friendship
    ship, but directioners take it too far with gay rumors and stuff. Harry
    isnt gay. Louis isnt gay. Louis has even said so and pretty sure it was a
    year ago, got mad at a reporter for reporting that hes gay. TLDR Im all for
    gay rights and have no problem with gays but this larry shit is annoying! 

  10. bobtheunicorn7 says:

    Five years. I’ve been waiting 5 years for this 

  11. Mariana x says:

    Guys the fans that were actually there said he didn’t say that. A fan was
    talking to him about having the same birthday, and Louis goes like “the
    same day, that’s pretty unfortunate” 

  12. stargirll3601 says:

    Larry is still real af whether he said I’m gay or not

  13. Ash Styles. says:

    Stop nonsense!!
    Can’t you see that
    *Im gay is said by other person*
    And *its pretty unfortunate is said by another*
    And how the hell larry comes here?!

  14. Karen W. says:

    The same day this came out all of the boys unfollowed modestmgmt on
    twitter, coincidence or no

  15. Sarah Howatd says:

    I’ve listened to this a few times, volume up and normal. It almost sounds
    like Louis said, “hot day” but you can clearly hear the pronunciations in
    the g and i if he really did say, “I’m gay.” Also its just hear say if
    someone supposedly said they were there. I don’t hear the word “birthday”
    in there at all. I’m not siding with anyone on this or hearing what I want
    to hear. It just doesn’t take rocket science if you listen close enough. 

  16. Kunoichi4ever4 says:

    2 possibbilities – 1st – he said it , 2nd he said only the 2nd part and has
    a hell off a timing coz it really sounded like one sentence. But if we
    consider 2nd option then it s even harder to explain what s going on w his
    twitter account& why is he not following modest anymore . Anyway I dont
    really think we wil know the truth. I m a firm believer that Lou is at
    least bisexual, but I really doubt he or Modest would risk to come out in
    the middle of a tour . 

  17. Diana Alonso says:

    No me lo creo xd. Si Louis hubiese sido gay todo este tiempo, supuestamente
    ‘protegido’ por Modest! ¿a que viene ahora, de buenas a primeras, decirselo
    a una fan? No le veo sentido. Además, no se puede tomar este vine como
    prueba verídica. Para empezar, ni siquiera se le escucha ni se le ve bien.
    No quiero sonar a desesperada porque sea mentira, pero es la realidad.
    ¿Que finalmente el rumor es cierto? (Y él lo afirma de una forma más
    limpia), pues genial, yo voy a ser la primera que le va a querer igual.
    ¿Que no lo es? Yo, por mi parte dejaría de sacar falsos rumores, ya que lo
    único que hacen es crear una situación bastante incomoda en su entorno
    tanto personal como familiar. Se le está forzando a una cosa que no quiere
    hacer, que le incomoda y estáis jugando a tratar Larry como si fuera un
    tema popular o propio. No lo es, es la sexualidad de un chico al que no
    conocéis personalmente. Dejadle respirar. 

  18. MeenasGotACameraa says:

    It could of been a joke? Idk why everyone’s being so serious about it. Me
    and my friends make jokes bout it sometimes but not in a bad way. Louis and
    all the boys have been there for us and sang there hearts out to make us
    happy, so it’s basically his life , and he can do what he wants, and it’s
    not up to us to decide for Jim wether he’s straight or gay or when he wants
    to come out, we can’t control his life.even if he is straight or gay he
    will say eventually and no one can change him and only true fans will be by
    his side, and if people actually change their minds about 1d bc of this
    they make me sick and can piss off. Louis is his true self and that should
    make us happy. They’ve done so much for us and the least we could do is
    stay out of their business. Get some spence knocked into you! How do you
    think this would make him feel? Looking at all these hate comments and
    seeing this video everywhere?not very good. Go with your heart Louis
    whenever you want! ❤️take your time we will be here waiting. 

  19. Unicorn Nadia says:

    Someone behind Louis said ”I’m gay” and Louis said ”It’s pretty
    ELEANOR. And also, he was drunk that night, and he speak really fast, so it
    just matched with that guys sentice. Fans calm down, he is not gay.

  20. Crystal Payne says:

    Tbh y’all need to chill, and not argue, until Louis straightens things out
    himself. He could’ve said anything. Don’t you notice all the Larry shippers
    heard “I’m gay”, and others heard “same day”. People are just hearing what
    they WANT to hear. So just chill out. I’m not saying any one is wrong or
    right. So just support Louis. 

  21. Yumm Nb says:

    For those who say it is someone else who is saying this, listen, are you
    fans? can recognize the voice of Louis? is heard clearly.
    It is Louis who says this.
    To those who say that instead of “gay” say “game” or “the same” and blah
    ect. and that only the shipper larry hear it,
    Please, show him to his mother, to any person other than the fandom and Let
    her hear loud, usually people outside the fandom that more can judge this
    type of testing.
    And for those who say he was joking, ¿”Louis” no hate being told he’s gay?
    Why would joke about that? if that can happen can listen and take it
    seriously. He said it’s because he was talking to trust someone.
    Seriously make these statements? God! then by more than Louis or Harry
    tattooed “I AM GAY AND LARRY IS REAL” no you going to believe? will say
    that a larry shipper would tattooed his during sleep?
    They are ridiculous.
    You know that children and drunks always tell the truth?
    Goodbye babes: *

    Para los que comentan que es otra persona la que esta diciendo esto,
    escuchen, ¿ustedes son fans? sabran reconocer la voz de Louis, se escucha
    Es Louis que dice esto.
    Para los que dicen que en vez de “gay” dice “juego” o “el mismo” y blah
    ect. y que solo las larry shipper lo escuchan,
    Porfavor, muestrenle a su madre, a cualquier persona que no sea del fandom
    y haganle escuchar fuerte, generalmente son las personas fuera del fandom
    las que mas pueden juzgar este tipo de pruebas.
    Y para los que dicen que estaba bromeando ¿Acaso “Louis” no odia que le
    digan que es gay? ¿porque bromearia sobre eso? si los que pueden pasar
    pueden escuchar y se lo tomaran enserio. Lo dijo porque estaba hablando con
    confianza a alguien.
    En serio me hacen estos planteamientos? Dios, entonces por mas que Louis o
    Harry se tatuen “SOY GAY AND LARRY IS REAL” no le van a creer? Van a decir
    que una larry shipper se lo tatuo mientras dormia?
    Son ridiculos.
    Ustedes saben que los niños y los borrachos siempre dicen la verdad?
    Adios chicos :*

  22. hecy dimic says:

    I don’t care is he gay or not because I’m a real Directioner and I will
    always love them <3 Also,some people say he said "I'm a gay,It's pretty

  23. Sydney Rosensweig says:

    He was drunk. He probably just said it to be stupid. 

  24. sarah bary says:

    Its Louis saying it’s pretty unfortunate but if you listen I’m gay is in a
    different voice so..m.y’all can calm yourselves now

  25. Rachel Walker says:

    I don’t even care if he said it or not tbh


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