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I KNEW IT!! GAYYYYY! Also, Lady Gaga engaged, Khloe Kardashian Vs Amber Rose, RIP Lesley Gore & 50 Shades of Heyyyy! CLICK TO TWEET HERE! Previous: Tyler Oakley …



    Hello. I sure know how to spot a gay! I sure hope you enjoy watching this
    video as much I enjoy watching myself!! 

  2. Emma is just Emma says:

    Bless your voice Hun!

  3. Victoria Baker says:

    That title is the holy grail to fan girls everywhere 

  4. William Hyde says:

    “so this video is really good” LMAO agree! 

  5. Braden Paul says:

    hehe, I loved this video.
    For real though, I wouldn’t put it past the Directioners to alter the audio
    to sound like that. They’ll go to any length.

  6. Lauren Sabino says:

    I’m not even into One Direction and I’m rooting for Larry

  7. Julia Delbel says:

    Is it “nun” or “none”? Lol been wondering that for years tbh.

  8. Helene Ball says:

    Honestly Buck, you are the absolute best! You’re one of the few people on
    YouTube who actually make me laugh out loud.

  9. Ioanna Kame says:

    SO much sass, i can’t even!!!!

    Love from Greece! :*

  10. Rachel Baldwin says:

    okay so you’re going to talk about how Amber Rose is gross but you’re not
    going to mention that Khloe is defending her sister thats dating a

  11. Letissia Scott says:

    “These two Trash Bags”. Hahahaha LOL Line of the Day. Thank you Buck!!!! :)

  12. luis719251 says:

    Talk about how christina aguilera killed it on the NBA all stars! 

  13. Harrison Bowman says:

    I’m so confused about one direction slightly, first Harry was openly bi in
    school, and now he’s not open about it anymore, and now Louis is saying
    he’s gay when he might not be. JUST BE OPEN ABOUT YOUR BLOODY SEXUALITY.
    That’s my rant for today haha.

  14. Chris Cunningham says:

    I really didn’t hear anything in the video… *shrugs*

  15. OoMASEoO says:

    Lmao he called Gaga yolk!
    Her ring is amazing, there are less than 20 diamonds on Earth that size &
    You go Taylor!

  16. Courtnay says:

    I personally don’t get what the big deal is with Tyga and Kylie. Here in
    the UK the legal age if consent is 16 and isn’t Tyga like 24. I’ve seen
    worse age gaps, hell my fiance is 34 and I’m 21. 

  17. Ernest Dickinson says:

    I didn’t know Lesley Gore was Lesbian, I always liked her voice, it’s sad
    she had to suffer cancer.

  18. Samantha Marie says:

    Honestly can people just leave him alone? Like its sad that people make fun
    of others for carrot jokes but Larry/Louis sexuality is the biggest thing
    from that carrot tune and yet nobody makes fun of people who still bring it
    up. What is it about Louis that everyone constantly wonders his sexuality?
    I see people saying oh respect perrie (Zayn’s fiancée ) she’s been in this
    fandom for awhile yet Eleanor Louis’s girlfriend has been a part of this
    fandom for longer and nobody respects her it isn’t right 

  19. Madison M says:

    Are you serious? What about the fact that Khloe thinks it’s okay for her 17
    year old dating a 25 year old? That’s actual rape. Khloe used to be the one
    Kardashian I liked but not anymore.

  20. Cesar Parzianello says:

    I mean, #LarryStylinson is pretty real and that is *not* unfortunate! :P

  21. DoctorWhoBAMF says:

    I LOVE Pirate Queen, Stephanie J Block is INCREDIBLE!!! Totally needed to
    run longer :( Haven’t seen the movie of The Last Five Years yet, and it’s
    one of my fave shows, but now I’m a bit more hopeful that it’ll live up to
    my expectations!

  22. amandalyntweets says:

    fucking mermaids…egg yolk…trash bags…50 Shades of Buck…let’s go to
    the iHop… moments of happiness for me!

  23. ljmasternoob says:

    You need a cough drop the size of a ball gag.

  24. Thomas B says:

    He acts like a 16 year old flaming faggot

  25. Xo Irish Xo says:

    Brilliant video as usual!! Loves ya! Xo


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