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LGBT Celebrities’ React To Anti-Gay Religious Freedom Law

“Cenk Uygur ( host of The Young Turks discusses reactions from LGBT celebrities’ to an Indiana law that would allow businesses to refuse service to homosexuals…

25 Responses to “LGBT Celebrities’ React To Anti-Gay Religious Freedom Law”

  1. Hiarhu says:

    Religion, always the last bastion of bigotry to fall.

  2. Derek C says:

    Tim Cook strives to do business that is just and fair? What a joke. Tell
    that to the workers throwing themselves off the Foxconn buildings in China
    where Apple’s products are assembled. But to be fair, they did install
    safety nets.

  3. endtimes19 says:

    Conservatives need to die off already 

  4. ARLEN CORREA says:

    I support gay marriage.
    But i have conservative values. So i’m strongly against gay divorce.

  5. Thytus says:

    Wouldn’t it be ironic if Apple turned Indiana’s law against itself and
    said, sorry we no longer provide service to christian conservatives because
    its against our religious believes. Conservatives heads would explode, the
    crying on FOX news would be endless!


    If a Muslim ever denied service to a white, evangelical Christian, the
    right-wing would be screaming their heads off about it for years.

  7. Philippe Stephenson says:

    Good law with a bad reasoning behind it. It isn’t a matter of freedom of
    religion, but freedom of association. Privately owned businesses are
    exactly that – private. A business owner can discriminate for any reason
    whatsoever in deciding who you’ll work for, or who you’ll invite to your
    home, businesses owners have a right to discriminate any way they like in
    who they will do business with. If they do, it’s a question for civil
    society, but not for government, whether the discrimination was reasonable.
    Some cases are reasonable, and others aren’t.

    As for the idea of allowing for freedom of religion, I agree in a way –
    people have freedom of conscience. But the separation between religion and
    the rest of thought, life, culture, etc., is artificial and meaningless.

  8. Haloo!!!! ! says:

    Ask in 2004, hillary clinton said “marriage is between a man and a woman.”
    Most were homophobic back then.

  9. Edward Black says:

    I’m the B in LGBT…. Thankfully I don’t live in Indiana…. It’s
    indefensible that Indiana would move in a bigoted manner.

  10. DarthAndrew520 says:

    I live under a rock. Can someone tell me the details of what this bill

  11. EnhancedSlowMo says:

    Who cares honestly, if business is hurt enough the state legislature while
    abolish the law, money can change discriminatory views…

  12. Nicolas Wright says:

    What ever happened to separation of church and state 

  13. I AM SYLAR says:

    ISIS leaders praise and support the CONservative legislator of the great
    state of Indiana.

    ….RepubliCONS really are traitors to this once great nation.

  14. mwaddisfilms says:

    it’s pronounced “takay” not ,”taki” c’mon cenk

  15. PhantomQueenOne says:

    The sin of Sodom and Gomorrah was *not* about homosexualtiy. This is the
    direct quote
    “This was the guilt of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters had pride,
    excess of food, and prosperous ease, but *did not aid the poor and needy*.
    They were haughty and did abominable things before me; therefore I removed
    them when I saw it.” (Ezekiel 16:49-50)
    If anyone is going to get curb-stomped by god, it would be the rich that
    are trying to gut the ACA, SNAP, Medicaid, Medicare, and the like.
    Also it was about men wanting to have sex with (rape) the strangers who
    were unknowingly *angels* staying in Lot’s house. The ‘unnatural desires’
    has *nothing* to do with homosexuality at all. It’s about the sons and
    daughters of men wanting to have sex with angels. Why did they ask to ‘know
    them’ (have sex with them)? Because hetrosexual men can and do rape other
    males. Just as women can rape men (although it’s not as common as a male
    raping a female but it does happen. Women can and do rape other women as
    well). It’s not about sex, it’s about *power*. It’s a tool to dominate or
    punish people.
    Taken From
    And what did the nasty Lot do? He offered the crowd his virgin daughters to
    rape instead. Not the act of a loving father.
    If people would read their fucking bibles all the way through instead of
    letting pastors and priests spoon-feed it to them they would understand it
    better. They would also not believe in it anymore.

  16. emile heskey says:

    religious people should be hung 

  17. Tyrion says:

    If there is nothing wrong with being gay, why do so many of you in the
    comments use being gay as an insult? Whenever anyone has an opposing view,
    you immediately accuse them of being gay and wanting gay sex acts. That’s
    fucked up and exposes you as just another person who says they are cool
    with gays, but secretly hates them.

  18. Ryan b says:

    Looks like those wacky Christians are at it again… The world will be a
    better place when this cult (christianity) is marginalized & ridiculed by
    society, as it should be

  19. Tammy McMillan says:

    I would love for any Christian to show me where in the bible Jesus states
    it should be law for others to refuse service to another, based on their
    race, sex, creed, etc. Or, where He says we should judge others based on
    their sex, race or religious beliefs, instead of His own father. Oh, and
    please, all the know it all idiots; tell me where Jesus said it was against
    his dad’s rules for someone to be gay. If the man could spend all of that
    time preaching the Beatitudes, his important laws for everyone to follow
    from that day forward, why didn’t he bring this up, even once? But, go
    ahead. Keep the hate going. 

  20. 6236003 says:

    1) Why should business owners not be able to run their business as they see
    2) Very few business owners will do this because it will hurt their bottom

  21. Josefsson9013 says:

    But don’t this mean you can discriminate against Christians?

  22. RickCleek says:

    Goddamn Christians, throwing gay people off tall buildings.
    Oh wait……

  23. Darrell Hylton says:

    It’s great that the CEO of Apple is speaking out against this Christian law
    but if he could speak out against sweat shops over in China that get
    treated poorly & make pennies an hour making his ICRAP that would be nice

  24. erzan says:

    When will a generation of Americans be able to say ‘I live in the land of
    the free’ without being laughed at by say Western Europeans?

  25. Gay Christian says:

    If they want to create a religious freedom law then do it to protect
    NON-profit which would be churches. If churches don’t want to marry gays
    there’s plenty of churches that will and ultimately those churches will
    suffer as more and more people are taking a more progressive belief. BUT
    for profit cannot discriminate. It goes against our constitution. Find
    another career if you can’t bake a cake for a gay couple. 


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