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Letter: Governor hostile to seniors

Once again, Gov. Bruce Rauner is going after our seniors. His Community Reinvestment Program means a $120 million cut to the successful Community Care Program that has provided Illinois seniors with trusted home care workers to help keep them healthy, safe, and living independently in our communities.

If Rauner gets his way, vulnerable senior citizens will face a new, confusing program that will require them to work with a host of service providers to get the services that used to be provided by their trusted home care worker.

The senior I care for doesn’t want a stranger with a laundry service entering her home to do the laundry. She wants me there to do it the way she likes it. She doesn’t want another stranger coming in to do housekeeping, either. She wants me there to take care of it like I always have.

Our seniors have already struggled so much under the Rauner administration. Cuts and lack of funding to Meals on Wheels and transportation services that the elderly rely on have left thousands without the services they need. And now Rauner is going after their lifelines: home care services.

Enough is enough. Our state lawmakers must stand up to Gov. Rauner and tell him “no” to his Community Reinvestment Program. The lives of Illinois seniors are at stake.

Nancee Custer


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